Movement brings clarity, happiness, and lightness

On these dark rainy winter days, when I am on a sort of holiday from my dance world, actually, it is a physical holiday, not a mental one! But regardless, how do I keep motivated, feeling good in my body, when I’m not dancing 4-6 hours a day? It is nice, and necessary, for me to take a break, give my body some down time.

Weeellll, I have to keep moving. Moving keeps me happy, I am not a good sitter, even for meditation purposes (which is shy I LOVE moving meditations!) I so love this time of year for that inner reflection time, that writing time, reading time, and i am doing tons of that–but if I don’t get up and move I feel heavy, sluggish, even depressed. Know that feeling?


Movement brings clarity, happiness, lightness to me. Explains why I love to dance so much. It is a release, it brings bliss, it brings awareness to the body, both inner and outer body. Having used ideas of tribal bellydance and trance dance for years, I see how much we do need to move, in our society of couch sitters. It is healing, on so many levels, but also it is just plain fun!

So this is my time to experiment with different movement therapies! Ha-therapy is right…so I am trying different styles of body toning, dancing, workouts. The standard and true for me is yoga and pilates of course, but I’ve ventured into doing more  Zumba, kickboxing, jazz, latin, good ole’ strength training, and simply taking my dogs for walks frequently. They get stuck in the house on these rainy days too, and need to stretch and keep fit just like me. And I can’t forget about going out to see live music and doing a night of boot scootin!

And when I do get into it, with some great music, then I get inspired, or re-inspired to keep on dancing! (One of the reasons for making my online tribal classes for you )Woo hoo…

Sometimes it is first thing in the morning, or taking breaks between computer hours! That is the time I need to remember to get up and move it. When I don’t I wonder why I feel so crappy… Too much computer time…

I need to move….shake it baby!

Why do you enjoy moving?

I’m excited to be working on  my new series of e-courses for you, combining movement and writing. This is work I’ve been compiling for many many years, and my co-teacher Lynea Gillen and I are planning the series to start after the new year. I am beyond thrilled to be getting this going in E-course form…online for all you distant dancers out there… So keep watch…and keep it moving my friends.

Dance strong and proud and  healthy, right on into the new year!


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