How do you wake up?

What do you do when you wake up feeling crappy, overwhelmed to start your day, and still just freakin’ tired?

That is how I woke up yesterday…sore throat, nasally, tired, with some dread  and tears in my heart tugging me down…

not so pretty, or exciting, or a way to start my day…

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I am such a huge proponent for BIG self-care, self-love, self-discipline, self-mastery. And yet, I too, fall into a worry rut, or a place of too much on my plate, not taking enough time to care for myself, and allow myself to get bogged down in the big picture. So what do I do when I wake up like that? When I know I can’t stay in bed all day because I need and desire to live that day full on, and I want to get moving? ( yes, sometimes you do really need to stay in bed all day!)

I may want to feel sorry for myself, but that lasts a big whopping 2 minutes, then I smack myself upside the head, and give myself a good body shake, like a dog throwing off tension! Enough of that yucky feeling…

Everyone needs a beautiful daily regime, a ritual of awakening, to embrace the day. And I love waking up to take part in my life. I get up before the rest of my household to enjoy that early dark time of quiet, where I can reflect and envision both, the day ahead, as well as what I’m wanting to do.

I know I have been running on steam on lot the last few weeks, with a super full schedule, of my choosing. With deadlines, exciting projects, the new house building, the traveling, a death, teachingclasses, reviewing two online certification courses at once, a sick dog, a houseful, planning our new Tribal Quest Summit, yadda yadda yadda…you know that sound of that, right? How full can I make myself? My own doing… Where does time go? And I really dislike saying, ” I don’t have time for that.”  And that seems to be a running theme with many people these days. Sad. Learning how to organize your life is becoming such an art form. Prioritizing. Understanding your needs. And desires!

Make time your friend, not your enemy!

So I decide to turn myself around, to feel better. I can change my state. Dosing myself with some good herbs, some OnGuard (DoTerra oil), salt water gargle and nose clearing,  to try to NOT get sick, then taking some quiet time to be at peace with myself and my schedule…that’s a biggie! Some journaling–with venting, reflection, then gratitude and forgiveness of myself, some mind mapping spread all over my office floor, some scheduling with candle burning, a hot shower, and a fabulous 1/2 hour power walk and meditation with more gratitude, incantations, visioning, and all over body feel goodness! Because lots of movement is ultra important in my (your) daily self care practice! Taking time for myself to get back into my own fabulous groove, so I can enjoy and power on through my day… and you know what? It turned out to be a great day. Plus I kicked a cold before it got me down. And this morning I get up and feel awesome. Ready to enjoy…

I wanted to share that with you, if that helps you take on your day…How do you turn yourself around? What do you do daily, to take care of yourself? Do you know what you need? Want? Desire?

Thanks and here is to living each day fully, for yourself first, and then loving on the life we are here to live!

with extreme gratitude!





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