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Hello friends!

Greetings from New Zealand!

I have just spent the past week in Cairns, Australia, dancing and dancing and dancing! All week long… delicious!

My Gypsy Caravan dance sister, Nina Martinez organizes another incredible event, Tribal in the Tropics, and this year I was the guest to teach all weekend, plus while I was there we added several certification dance intensives to guide several dancers through–










Collective Soul (several levels), Tribal Grooves Teacher Training and GC Teacher Training!

Wowza… The dancers have all been so lovely, having a great time laughing, crying, sharing, performing, eating, learning, supporting, and bringing their love and passion to our time together. I am honored, amazed, and over the moon delighted with the whole she-bang!

Thank you all for your dedication, focus, and desire to do this dance that we do, Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®, and

1. Feel great about yourself, and

2. Making the world a better and happier place… right?

Trickle down effect…

Congrats to the newly certified dancers for taking their dance that step further…

Collective Soul Level One—with GC Master Teacher Nina– Wendy ClarkLyn ClarkeGretel BurgessZita Sudnikacs1 (Australia) -- 2016

Collective Soul Level Three—Caroline Close, Sue McGee, Laurie Mackenzie, Carolyn Hardycs3-australia-2016









Tribal Grooves Certified Teachers— Sienna, Bolly Rich, Magnolia Brooks

GCTB certified Teachers Level Two– Sienna, Bolly Rich, Caroline Close



We all did much deep diving… as we dance, and WHY we dance…and talk about self care and self love first, our desires as dancers and teachers, how the dance affects us, then my intense life and business coaching… Mind blowing days…with so much beautiful soul searching and sharing. Intensive for sure…and sooooo good!



And now I have landed in New Zealand with Christine Haviland, to do the same processes here, dance intensives, and workshops, and parties, and healing and wine (love that Sauvignon Blanc from NZ!)


***Another note:patriciabanner_final2-png-revised-1

Healing With Music : 21 keys to gain inner peace, welcome unconditional love and transform your life

I have been asked to be part of a free online Healing with Music summit hosted by Patricia Daly, September 26th-30th! Wow… many great speakers are included in this…I am honored!

I will send you more info tomorrow but you can sign up here!


Much gratitude spilling from my heart for these amazing opportunities and the super powerful and gorgeous women I am honored to work and dance with!


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