and after the time away-time to refocus!

Now that Jeff and I had a few days at the beach, and I also had a massage, got my hair done, and just finished up a photo shoot today with the amazing Wick Salit for my honky tonkin music persona! It is soooo good to do things like that for yourself, your love, your craziness, your soul…and feel so good about it, and about taking the time to do it.

But now! With so many exciting projects in the making, both onĀ  paper and in my head…I have to get back to my journaling, doodling, scheduling, list making… it is hard to go away when you are in the middle of creating new projects, packing for some trips, and general work stuff, to not feel guilt. but I did it, and now I’m back at my desk, with flowers and candles, sometimes music playing, sometimes not…back to my words, and my blogs, and my certificates to make for the future courses! loving that…but I do have to take my own quiet time to focus again, and I am grateful for some of my mentors, teachers, and friends who have helped me with journaling, writing, creating, doodling. It helps me on so many levels, because we all need help, a kick, a push, a hug, a nod…for me, writing is one of my saving graces. Know what I mean? I get so clear when I write, and although I’m not trying to be a heavy goal setter this year, I do really enjoy working with Leonie Dawson’s workbooks for 2013. I finished up the personal workbook, full of lots of page of fun stuff, intuitive thoughts, past stuff to release, and so much more. That feels GREAT! And now I’m working on the business pages for 2013…gotta love that… helping me get to you even better…what do you think?

have you done anything like this? This is full on, long, provocative, insightful, and even just great to spend that kind of time with yourself to focus or re-energize… go got at it my friends!

Click on the link below to check it out and join in… you won’t be disappointed, I’m sure…

I think I’ve shared some links and insights to folk I”ve been studying with, following, writing with…

2013 Workbook planners!

and if you really like that and into doing your own business self, becoming an entrepreneur of sorts…check out her Business course too… full of all things good… very helpful…


And now I’ll bet back to work on my new online course coming up soon…I know I’m teasing you with it, but I can’t wait to spread its wings and have it fly to you…pretty soon….

Tribal Bliss–Dance and Vision!Tribal Blissthanks again for being here with me… and you can leave a message on facebook if you want to add anything to this post!

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