and the winner of the Gypsy Caravan CD, Awakening!

I have just returned from performing and teaching at the Cues and Tattoos Tribal Bellydane Festival in Seattle, more on that later, and now it is time to pick the winner for the Gypsy Caravan CD, Awakening! Excited to draw a name…

and it is angeluDemonai!

Below is what she wrote in response to my request:

tell me what kind of music makes you move, groove, and dance; and why.



Hello Paulette – I’ve only recently started following your blog, but I’ve known of your site for a while now and I just wanted to say it really helped inspire me to explore more about bellydancing. After I graduate college I hope to move to Portland and hopefully learn more about tribal style from the Gypsy Caravan.

As for your question – really, almost any music that I love, and has a good beat, I am happy to dance to. Whether it’s traditional Balkan music, rock, electronic, pop or metal, if it moves me then I am inspired to move. I guess, the power of music is to touch the soul, and dancing is an expression of that, so I’m not too picky.


Oh, that is so true about music touching the soul. If I cannot feel a connection with a musical piece, a link, an inner beat that speaks to me, I can’t dance to it. And my movement comes from that touch, whether it be a glimmer or a bang on the head, it reaches in, down deep, and comes out in my hips, my hands, my smile, or whatever part of me needs to speak the dance.

Thanks everyone who wrote in. I do love to hear about your dance and music and art and farmworld! It is such a great way to share our thoughts and actions here on this blog.

Be well!

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