and the winner of Tribal Vision is…

Thanks everyone for writing in for the book giveaway! Awesome repsonses from all of you. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your love of Tribal Belly Dance! and for wanting to read my book. I am thrilled…

so the winner is…


She writes:

I’ve been reading your blog for a few months but this is my first comment. So, hi!

I haven’t been dancing lately, not for about four months. Economic times being what they are, I can’t afford my classes anymore, also I’ve moved and haven’t found a new teacher.

But when I was dancing, I loved it because it taught me to move well. Belly dance loosened and stretched me in ways no exercise does, and simultaneously taught me how to move with precision and yet fluidity. I love the rhythms of the music and the pulse of the drums, the singing of the sitar. And the body-positivity…! In dance, I saw myself as sensual, beautiful; where I’d always hated to look at myself in a mirror before, I learned to love dancing in front of a mirror. I even got confident enough to wear a half-shirt to class and let my belly show, imperfect as it is, and never once did I feel any hint of judgment from the teacher or the other students. Belly dance did more for my self-esteem than anything else ever has.

Everyone had such great things to say, you will all be featured in this month’s Caravan Trails, out in a few days…make sure you subscribe right away, it’s free! on my website:

thanks again!

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