another OMT tidbit…

Tea Tree Oil—I have used this  Australian oil for a multitude of reasons, first using it on one of my dancing excursions to Australia. It really is a miracle oil, and so nice to know it can replace harsher household chemicals for doing the multitude of home cleaning as well as use it for our body healing too. Although it is not “local”, it is worth checking out. I really am trying to buy local, support my own community and our economy, but there are reasons we can import important goods as this tea tree oil and learn about other countries healing remedies and their vegetation too.

And this is a great site, Care2, the “largest online community for healthy and green living, human rights, and animal welfare.” I read it weekly or more, and it has wonderful articles, suggestions, and recommendations for other great pro-active sites to visit.

Anyone check out the FarmAid site I posted yesterday?

Have a wonderful week, and be remarkable.

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