Dance and Desire–Are you living your life’s purpose and dream?

Dance and Desire


Are you living your life’s purpose and dream?

How do you get there from here?

All I ever  wanted to do as a little kid was dance and read mystery books! And make some sort of music and art… I dipped into many things as I went through late teens, early adult, and later adult too! Different colleges and towns, trying whatever suited my fancy! Studying tarot cards, taking massage and writing classes, riding my Harley, playing in rock bands, bellydancing(!), making and publishing books and music CDs and DVDs, owning a vegetarian cafe/wine bar, running a shoe store, years of yoga, getting my AOS degree in Merchandising and Promotion in NYC, my BA in photography in San Francisco, my Master’s in Writing and Publishing in Portland, (at age 50). Business courses, magic classes, covens to dance troupes, tattoos, somehow everything I took, no matter how disjointed it seemed at the time, would round out my passions and my desires, and my career.

And here I am dancing, playing music and reading mystery books! Still, and again. And living my soul and heart’s purpose… guiding incredible women like you on your path to a more fulfilling, healthy, ecstatic, and celebratory life!

I’ve always allowed the spirit to move through me. I remember coming into my dance classes that I was teaching, saying, “ok, dancers, I dreamt this last night, now we have to try it!” They would roll their eyes, and laughingly honor my vision, and wow, bam, how awesome that turned out to be. But seriously, there was some deep intuitive knowledge, with women from the past guiding me and my body to do this contemporary, yet ancient dance form. And I was able to listen to it, and act on it. With this dance style, it does honor the past as well as the present dancer, and I love that. The collective unconscious. The mystery. The magic and power that women’s bodies hold. (And by the way, I have had amazing students over my 25 years of innovating and teaching this Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® style!)

But really, it was that ALLOWING of my vision to UNFOLD, (a few of my Core Desired Feelings) that trust I had in myself, even in the unknowing, with the belief in my guides, and in my ability to make my dreams and desire come into fruition and completion. Most of the time, at the time, I did not even think about it that way. I was just on a positive, prolific roll with what was pouring out of me. Through my body, which I loved and trusted and worked hard, with my soul and my laughter, and the ability to let it all happen.

And to turn all of that work, if you can really call it work, into a form, giving it substance and staying power, with enough business know how to make it truly work and sustain me while I was doing it, the dance, the business, the dreams.

And doing what I wanted and felt the pull to do, which was bringing women/dancers of the world together, joining communities to empower and beautify ourselves, each other, and the world around us. Networking, guiding, and here I was/am traveling the world, meeting and dancing with incredible dancers, and giving them the strength and encouragement they deserve and need to live their dreams, in a healthy and strong body, with skills and a structure, with ideas and inspirations, with a sisterhood community, whether these be professional dancers, teachers to be, women who want to feel better, dancers who want to try new things, people who want to connect with their own soul purpose.

I reflect on all that I have done, and all that I have been a witness to, and listening to your desires, as I work on my new vision and course, Dance & Desire–From the Body to the Page. I have felt the need for this work, in our crazy fast-paced world of over worked, under celebrated, soul questioning, unsatisfied dreams.

Do you feel that way? Do you feel the need for a deeper connection with yourself?

It is one fabulous thing to dance and love the dance, and another to use the body and movement and connection through and with the dance to get that inner peace, heart opening, and often mind blowing connection with the self, drawing what we need and desire into ourselves, and feeling the power and strength and ability to do that—attracting what we are here to do on this earth, to be satisfied, happy, content, loved, in love, strong, juicy, flexible, and so much more.

Each on our own path, different, yet so similar. To meet and share and dive in, that is what I am here to do, to guide me and you on this incredible journey, right now, today, to live in the moment, and love and appreciate just who we are, as we grow into our desires, and meet our needs in an easier, celebratory way.


Dance is prayer,

desires become words,

movement is inspiring,

tribal bellydance is connection,

bodies move as feminine entities,

as one,


sensual, powerful, beautiful, simple…

What do you desire?
Have a most fantastic weekend!

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Watch for the ecourse coming up in October!

And now, you are invited to come over and join our FB group for

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1Our gathering place of a like-minded tribe for women only, of women who want to dance with life, move and share, who need support, who wish to dive in, who want to shine, to desire to honor their bodies, who want to be accepted as they are, or who want to make some changes that feel important to their heart and soul, who want prompts to get their groove on, who want to succeed, try something different, who wish to make changes, who want to be seen, and ultimately, who want to celebrate themselves and each other, in this global grouping of fabulousness!

It’s a place for a party, a ritual, a celebration, an impetus for dancing, a time for reflection, an acknowledgement for desiring big.

Last call for Collective Soul Level One, Online, starting August 2nd!

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Are your ready to dance, dive in, connect with your global dancing sisters, and get certified in

Gypsy Caravan’s Collective Soul Level One?
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