Can you give it 150%

Can you give it 150%


Why would I take a class, any kind of class, if i wasn’t going to put myself into it 150%? Why take up my time but not let myself really experience it? What would be the point?

That’s the same issue when someone wants to just watch one of my bellydance classes first to see if they want to take it. I always say, no watching, just get in here and do it because you have to feel what it feels like in and on your body and soul.

Yet, I find that I have done that countless times. I took a new dance class recently to see if I would like it, because I’m curious. But I hung back, in the back, and observed while I went through the motions. What the hell is that all about? I watched the teacher, I think that I want to observe how she teaches because I’m a teacher. OK, that is one way of taking a class. Depends on what I want to get out of it, doesn’t it? Then I watch the other students to see how they are getting into it. Like will I be intimidated by them? Then I do the moves, a little.

WTF? What is that all about? Crazy, huh! Do I want to go through life like that? Hanging back? Not allowing the experience of the experience? Why would I cut myself off from the experience when I am there to have it? Doesn’t make any sense?  How will I know how that movement feels in and on my body if I don’t do it full on? Feel it in the moment as I am doing these different moves, and then what about the after effect?  Why even bother?

Is it cynical action? Am I passing judgement on something without truly experiencing it, and giving it a full on 150% chance? I see many people living life like this. Some jaded, with a been there, done that attitude. Or quick to judge someone else, and even quicker to put oneself down. Have you done that? Said things like, “oh no, I could never do that”, or “ this fat body do that? no way…”, or “no, not me, I can’t dance to save my life”, or “I can’t draw a straight line”. When is the last time your tried and what does it matter if that line is straight or not? Who is judging anyway?

I am stopping  that right now. I want to immerse myself in my life. I want to feel everything, not enter numb or cynical. In all things. So I  went back to that dance class, and put myself into it, laughing, shouting (only when asked to!), sweating, and working my body to the fullest. And you know what? It was really fun. And I felt great, moving, stirring it all up. Even if later I decide it is not the style for me to continue, I gave it my best shot. And I can then honestly assess it, just for myself, because I truly tried it. I did not enter with a wall between me and that class, I decided not to care if I looked goofy trying something different. Really, who is looking at me, but me? And I can laugh at myself. And that feels extra good.

And I want to do that with everything in my life. Isn’t it about being in the moment and allowing that “thing” to happen? Living every nuance of life without cutting oneself off, maybe not feeling worthy, or not giving oneself the time to experience, or not honoring your own quest.

How about you? Can you put yourself in 150%? Really honor the experience of something you are trying out, researching, questing for? What holds you back? Let’s hear it, what have you been wanting to try but are fearful of stepping up to it? Something on your bucket list? Your new year’s desires? Your health wishes? Can you walk up to it, stare it in the face, and give it your best try? I’m counting on you to do just that. Say hell yeah! Experience the hell out of that “thing” and take it on road warrior, she devil, wordsmith, temptress, dancing goddess, meditation queen, sky diver, hurdle jumper, singing vixen, boot scooter, world leader, circle chanter. Feel it and feel good, pass it on…

Comment below and let us know!

Enjoy your week, and blessings on your  new journeys!


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