Carol, Gypsy Dancer, our wise one!

Meet Carol Vance, Gypsy Caravan Dancer, Dance Instructor, Troupe Director, woman of many careers, and now delightfully almost retired and still dancing with passion and compassion! I always call her our wise one, because, well, she is! Older, wiser, calmer, she sees clearly and can be super objective, especially when my emotions get in my way! She has had an adventurous life, doing mostly what she enjoys and loves, is fiercely independent, and of course has raised the beautiful Cammi, or Darhsan, who sprouted worldwide wings after dancing in Gypsy C for several years.

Carol has been dancing with me for over twenty years, in all capacities, as student, assistant, traveling companion, loyal friend, co-director of Gypsy Caravan, whilst directing several of my student troupes over the many years. She now not only dances in Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, Int. but directs her own troupe now, Gypsy Heart Tribal.

Many of you know her, but here is a little bit about her. You can read about her in my book, Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Bellydance,  as well as seeing her dance in almost all of my Tribal Technique DVDs and my online classes. And she almost always come to our fabulous Breithebush Tribal Bellydance retreat every spring!  She will be traveling to Las Vegas with me in early September to teach a Tribal Shawl workshop at the Las Vegas Festival, and we will be doing a little backup assistance to the amazing Onca during her performance Saturday night.

September 6, 7, 8, 2013!

Paulette and Carol at the

2013 Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive™ & Festival,

 the Workshop: Tribal Shawls on Sunday, 1:30-3:00! hope to see you there…


GCDCI Tribal Fest 2013 _163

Carol writes:

My love of tribal style bellydance was immediate and visceral. When Paulette, along with the amazing Caravan she led,  danced and played at Berbati’s in 1993, the experience captured my heart. I remember the troupe dancing in from the side, as if emerging from the mists of time, and becoming real women, like myself, yet keeping the mystique of the most ancient primal feminine attributes.

What incredible luck, to have found a form of expression that exemplified everything I wanted in my life; strength, resilience and flexibility, humility!, as well as appreciation of the uniqueness of every dancer’s gift, as she, or he, finds their own way in life . . . It’s all here, in the dance.
The dancers, musicians and friends I have met along the way are what make me feel most blessed!
To sit at the feet of masters!  To guide new dancers into their own strength!  And to dance with amazing spirits from around the globe!
These are immeasurable treasures.
I continue, in gratitude  ~

gypsy c smiling-2012

carol6**I appreciate my dancers so much, for their resilience, determination, passion, skill, and willingness to listen, let me lead, trust me, and all the comes with running a dance company, spreading this amazing dance called Tribal Style Bellydance that I innocently started back in 1991. Carol is outstanding in her willingness to stand by me, with, again, loyalty and desire to share the Tribal Love! I am a fortunate woman to have her in my life is so many ways…


Check out our online caravan Souk for those Tribal technique DVDs, including our award-winning documentary, Tribal Travels, following Gypsy Caravan on the road and in performance, and more…

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Tribal Travels coverand sign ups start soon:

Apr 25-27, 2014.

The 21st year…

Tribal Vision, Tribal Bliss- a movement journey

at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit Oregon

 Different this coming year, with new offerings for you!

A women’s weekend of Tribal Bellydance, and so much more

With Paulette Rees-Denis and Gypsy Caravan…

With Lynea Gillen,

And this year Hilary Giovale presents:

Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream 


This is a weekend for all women, new dancers as well as seasoned dancers!

Join our circle of amazing women, get your Tribal Groove on… reach down deep and share the stories, the dance, the sisterhood…Tribal Bellydance becomes a magnificent lifestyle, bringing into our bodies, hearts, souls, and lives- bliss, wellness, enjoyment, community, awareness…

We want you to feel delicious in your body, to be vibrant and healthy and full of vitality, to lavish yourself with empowerment, to experiment with your dance, to feel blissful in your body and to release your mind, soul, and body!

By combining our backgrounds of Tribal Bellydance, African Dance, writing, yoga, healing, therapy, trance and meditation, we bring you this weekend to continue on your journey, wherever that leads you.

We want to gather people to shift consciousness and create a spiritually fulfilled, socially just, environmentally sustainable human presence on our planet, through awareness and community, and our fabulous dance! 

… plus hot-tubbing, saunas, delicious vegetarian meals, and surrounded by the gorgeous mountains, with more to be announced, this will be an awe-inspiring weekend…

Hilary is a  Gypsy Caravan Master Teacher, author, global traveler, earth shaker—we are thrilled to be able to offer this over the weekend, with her co-teacher Laine.

Watch a short video with Hilary: Belly Stories!

checkout Hilary’s website too—

**Save the date, registration starts September 2013….  

Thanks for being here….many new offerings coming to you this fall! stay tuned…




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