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Cultivator General Store, bring it on!

And now, what does Tribal Farmgirl Paulette move into this spring? My handsome man, Jeff, and I are opening up a shop in our little town. Soon—April 1st is the projected opening date—oh my. A shop of local organic foods and produce, freshly baked goods, farm-fresh cheeses, fair-trade coffee, and oh-so-good wine! We are extremely… Continue Reading

One More Thing, with the Farmgirrrl Divas!

This month my Farmgirrrl Divas group made house-cleaning products that are simple and cheap to make and easy on the environment, in our reusable containers. No need for chemicals or to buy quantities of throw away bottles, we can use baking soda, vinegar, castile soap, essential oils, and borax to do minor and major housecleaning… Continue Reading


and now for something a bit lovely dancing friend Lydia, was my first egg customer! When my beautiful young hens started laying their eggs, she was first in line to buy a dozen, and now she gets them almost every week from me. I love that… that’s as local as it gets, and fresh… Continue Reading

FarmAid is now….

FarmAid is today people! Oh how I wish I could be in St. Louis right now! But you can all help… Watch the concert, donate, spread the word! wow, Willie, Neil Young, Dave Matthews, John Mellenkamp, what a show… and what a cause… “Farmers are the backbone of America” say Willie Nelson. amen…. nothing like … Continue Reading