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and on we move into the next intensive, Collective Soul Level Two

I’d say these dancing girls are gluttons for punishment from the ole’ dragon lady! After a week of intensives, plus the dance weekend retreat full of hot tubbing, dancing friends, writing and thinking, great food, and lots of dance. But really, I ‘m soooo not mean, just opinionated, but caring, and I dance my talk.… Continue Reading

Gypsy Caravan Teacher Trainees, Level One! woo hoo….

and here’s my girls! another 3 days of intensive dance training, here in Clatskanie, OR, and the dancers passed their certification (Becky already had, she was taking a refresher!) I am once again the proud mama! It is such a great experience, for me and for the girls, talking about dance, dance as art, body… Continue Reading

Collective Soul Level One grads

Congratulations to these fabulous dancers! I started two weeks ago with four sessions of my intensives here in Oregon–Collective Soul Levels One and Two, and Teacher Training One and Two, with our delightful Breitenbush Hot Springs Tribal bellydance retreat thrown in the middle of it all… They traveled, we danced, we talked, ate, laughed, asked… Continue Reading

A great article about the Collective Soul experience!

TRIBAL PILGRIMAGE by Cayte Lawton So what could persuade someone who’s managed very well without a passport for over fifty years to leap on a plane and embark upon a journey of several thousand miles? The answer was in the words of the pilot as we touched down  on a sunny day in late July… Continue Reading

Want to join me in Bali? or Australia?

Workshops and Certification intensives…for the new year! I am so excited to be teaching in Bali! January 2011!! Workshops with me, Cinzia of Les Soeurs Tribales, plus yoga and Balinese dance–Jan 10/11th ***and Collective Soul Level 1 January 12/13/14 contact: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and come study Tribal with me in Western Australia! Collective Soul 1 &… Continue Reading

Photos of the certified dancers!

Brandy, (OR), Tracy (CA), Kat (WA), Cayte and Sarah (UK) Darby, (OR), Deirdre (UK), Sherry (FL), Sienna and Dee (AUSTRALIA) Actually Darby and Sherry were the grads! the other gals did a refresher course…good to do… Sherry, Sienna, Dee, Deirdre, and me! And Dee finished her Teacher Training Level One while here too! talk about… Continue Reading

Collective Soul and more to come…

Tribal Bellydance Intensives with Paulette of Gypsy Caravan, around the globe– Want to go to Bali and dance? I can’t wait! Bali, in January 2011!! Workshops with Paulette, Cinzia of Les Soeurs Tribales, plus yoga and Balinese dance–Jan 10/11th and Collective Soul Level 1 January 12/13/14 contact: ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Paulette In Western Australia, January, February… Continue Reading

dance intensive graduates…woo hoo

We have finished a great two week dance intensive… Congratulations to dancing graduate of Teacher Trainee Level 1, Dee Thomson from Brisbane, Australia! Also to Collective Soul Level One dancers- Cayte Lawton, Sarah Jones, both from England, Tracy Carlton from California, Brandy Grey from Oregon, and Kat Abiola from Washington! Congrats to CS2 grads, Darby… Continue Reading

Collective Soul Level Three and Four grads!

Congratulations to some hard dancing dancers! Nina Martinez from Australia and Cinzia DeCoccia from Italy completed Collective Soul Level Three here in my little home town in Oregon! That takes time and dedication to get this far in my certification program, so woo hoo to them! Awesome… And if that wasn’t enough, Hilary Giovale from… Continue Reading