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The 2nd Volume of A Tribal Dancer’s Anthology is here…

A Tribal Dancer's Anthology cover
A Tribal Dancer's Anthology cover

cover art by Tracy Carlton…beautiful!

A Tribal Dancer’s Anthology Volume 2 is here…
Delicious Divas Dancing Dreams
— a PDF download
D-Quad 2009-2010
Volume 2, only $4.00, just in time to be inspired for the New Year!
thoughtful words about dance and life…available as PDF download, easy to purchase and inspiring to read!
You can paypal directly to
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and we will send you the PDF format! easy…

And you can still get Volume One, 2008-2009
a beautiful collection of dancer’s words—evocative poems, touching stories, personal thoughts about the dance—available as PDF download, easy to purchase and inspiring to read!
only $6.00…

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! The Anthology is here! Today, Thanksgiving! What a gift…. A Tribal Dancer’s Anthology — $6.00 Delicious Divas Dancing Dreams A Tribal Dancer’s Anthology — a PDF download D-Quad 2008-2009, Volume One 52 pages, 11 x 8.5″ You can click here to purchase! Buy No Over the past year, many… Continue Reading

Delicious Divas Dancing Dreams–A Tribal Dancers Anthology 2008-2009

It’s almost here…Our 1st yearly D-Quad Anthology. With the sometimes simple, often eloquent, heart and soul searching thoughts, stories, and poems submitted to me over the past year, how could I not compile them into one dancer’s anthology? And make a lovely little handbook (of sorts) for you, to inspire your dancing journeys for the… Continue Reading

A Dancer’s and Writer’s Forum!

D-Quad, or Delicious Divas Dancing Dreams! Enter your words in the monthly newsletter, For May D-Quad, let’s write about an experience we have had dancing with our partner, our troupe, or alone, that has touched us in some way, given witness to ourselves or each other, or reflected something back to us. Deadline is April… Continue Reading

Heroes and Gods

I’ve been thinking alot about influences and what I learn from others. It was a theme for the March D-Quad for my enewsletter, Caravan Trails. I wrote this awhile back and wanted to share it with you, in a few installments (it is long!). Do send me your comments, and think about continuing this theme… Continue Reading