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What does dance do for you?

What does dance do for you? As a dancer, coach, and writer, one of the things I love most is hearing you,  my students and clients, express yourself from deep within, to get that connection, to take the time to listen to yourself and feel. It has always been one of my biggest joys in hearing… Continue Reading

Dance and Desire Ecourse, now open for you!

Dance & Desire: From The Body To The Page with Paulette Rees-Denis Body Love, Belly Dance, Heart-opening, Divine Inspiration, Soul Diving, & Celebration an eight week dance, movement and word online course… Be your own visionary to go more in depth, more intense, to get your groove on and feel awesome in your skin use… Continue Reading

Dance and Desire Ecourse is ready for YOU!

Dance and Desire Ecourse is ready for YOU! Good Friday to you my friends! How about we have a magnificent weekend…full of love and friendship and dance and vibrant fun? I’m ready for that… A super full on week, lots of excitement in my land of Gypsy Caravan, my business, my homelife, and my brain…now… Continue Reading

the creative process and feeling good…

the creative process and feeling good… Hello friends… I’ve been thinking about the creative process and what it feels like to feel good… A few months back I took a retreat for myself and my writing, and it was sublime. An awesome thing for me to do for myself, and I needed time to check in… Continue Reading

Dance and Desire — Worth it!

Dance and Desire Hello my pretties, Are you ready to make some changes? Desiring something new? On board to finally do that thing you have been wanting to experience? Tell me, dear ones, what are you wanting, for you? Do you know? What are you needing to feed yourself, your creative beautiful self, your dancing… Continue Reading

Full Circle Gratitude

Full Circle Gratitude This year I picked up a new journaling practice, thanks to my business coach, and I now embrace it fully…my nightly practice of Gratitude Journaling! I now pass this ritual on to my students in my courses. It is so simple yet so profound, this writing practice, and can take five minutes… Continue Reading