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Double Dog Dare- Sunday Dance to Word

Good Sunday to you, and Happy Solstice, Full Moon, shorter days are coming…


On these summer (for some of us!) days, now with the light starting its gradual shift back to darkness…Oh I’m not ready for that yet…are you? but we have no control and must just go with that flow…

Is that easy for you? to allow what is happening to happen, without control? To be spontaneous? To feel the vibe and go with it? Not always easy for me, but so good when it does happen…I am trying to live my days like that now, with intention, with flow, and more simply… to not clutter my life, my home, and my brain, no multi-tasking allowed!

And I love that…

Why does it always take losing a loved one for us to re-look at our lives? Or a major health issue? Or a drama of sorts?

Why can’t we take better care of ourselves to feel better, look better, thrive, do the work we love, do the things we want to do, be who we really are? Why must we feel power over other creatures, and take their lives for sport? Or hurt others to feel our own glory? ha…not quite glory, you know? Or hurt ourselves? and the planet?

We are not invinceable…even though I thought I was when I was in my twenties…and I am glad I am still breathing and here to live my life.

So many big questions, and usually with simple answers, and just a little time to sit and really think about it, and about our own beliefs, and what our heart really feels, and our soul really says. But so many of us don’t listen to ourselves. Or trust in our intuitions and what our body and soul says to us.

Here is a thoughtful, scary, poignant TED talk…that may give you something more to think about, and write about…

Dee Williams, Dream Big, Live Small

Sooooo, what do you think? Can you spend a few and write down some thoughts? What can you do to make a difference, a change, for yourself, for the better of the planet, for peace, love… you?

Double dog dare…

Share your thoughts, your words, share here, and with your friends, pass it around!

Thanks for being here…





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