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Acknowledge your WHY

understand the why of the want

Acknowledge your WHY

What does it take to make you move?

To dig in deep to your core to find the bursting open desire to experience something, to share your creation, to spread wide your dreams? Whether it be to you alone, your partner and family, friends, clients, students, or the universe, the depth of the who does not matter so much as the why…

Why do you have the desire to release your dreams to the world? What is it you have to give, to share, to donate, to gift upon someone or an entire land? And why do you want to?

It is good to know WHO who want to give your gift to, or who is your perfect client, but more necessary is the WHY for you. The why gives you reason, cause, something of value, from your heart to share/offer/sell–no matter the scope of your dream or business…

Like this:  What do you want to be when you grow up? Then ask yourself, why? Or, what is your dream job? Why? How would you feel if you were doing that? Or, why do you love your dance? How does it make you feel? Or, want to teach? Why?

How does it make you feel? To be, and then to share? What is your purpose in presenting your creation? Not only how, when, what…but the who and the why…

We all want to feel great. Basic.

Here is one example of something I have just released to the world. For me, creating the body movement idea of my new Tribal Grooves feminine dance journey (the dance and the teacher training), allowing the flow of it to come through me, experimenting with it, changing it up, revising it, has been part of my creation process. And then, feeling for the WHY…

Deep inside I knew that, I knew this was special, needed, wanted, plus a super fun way for everyone, every body, to love their body, to move it, shake it, and enjoy dancing… not so structured, not performance driven, just being…

Being! Being in it-the body and the moment, feeling it, with energy, passion, and with no pressure, to dance and be danced, and feel the freedom in movement, the letting go, the allowing…and in a circle of like-minded folk, who want to feel good, to feel wealthy in the body, to feel alive….

That is my purpose, my why… I FREAKIN’ LOVE TO DANCE….

And I want others to not be afraid of moving their bodies, to feel alive in their bodies, to trust themselves and how they move, daily and in the world…this is all we have…our bodies…

And it feels so good to be juiced up, joints working, creaks silent, arms flailing!  To feel your freedom, non-competitive, non-judgemental, uninhibited… rockin’ your sweet self… and just feeling it… Dont’ you feel it?

When was the last time you let loose? I mean REALLY let loose? Alone, in private, or in a class, with your tribe, or in a nightclub? Does your body move like you want it to? Do you feel your own beat and rhythm? Ahhh….


Dance can go in so many different ways… but to understand and allow the body to stretch to its limits, I’m not talking full on triathalon or warrior awards here my friends, I’m talking about feeling your groove and your sway and your connection with your sensualness, your fire, your earth, air and wind, your spirit, and the simple power of moving with a group… nothing expected of you, nothing denied, to show up and dance…that is my why!

My desires and vision…

And so I made it, Tribal Grooves, I envisioned it, I allowed it, I keep on creating, tossing what didn’t work, and loving what worked, is working NOW… and I am over the moon delighted and exhilarated to bring it out to the world…

Only then did I want to go outside of myself, asking my peeps, and others, what they thought… and the overwhelming and oft surprising response was…”IT IS ABOUT TIME to have a dance class/course like this offered… we’ve been waiting…” Jackpot… When your dream becomes reality and real and wanted. Because my WHY was on target. With my soul purpose.

Make sense?

So now, I ask you — 

what have you been wanting to do?

Really deeply longing for? Start your own business? Quit your job? Make more “ME” time? Write a book? What is your heart calling out for?

And then ask, WHY?

Explore this for yourself. Take time to feel it deep inside. Write it down. Can you share it in our comments? How does that make you feel to find the answer and allow the dream to light up?

With so much gratitude, thanks for being here…






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