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dancing in wordlessness

  Spewing out the words to get to a place of Wordlessness The darkness, the beauty, the self Time for the self, to be in the self To feel the body, my body, To move from the inside without words Without thinking Without judgement Listening to the blood, the heartbeat The sweetness of my soul… Continue Reading


I read this this morning on Jonathon Fields email….a woman he was interviewing, Susan Piver, said Don’t teach anyone anything…help them discover! That’s what I say to my dance students…that I want to help them  by giving them the tools they need to become a better dancer; tools such as  a physical workout regime,… Continue Reading

To be an entertainer

Many people have told me that I make the dance look so easy, effortless, fun. It is fun for me, no question about it, and that always comes through my dance, I know that. And the fun part is dancing with my partners, my sister dancing friends, sharing the love of moving and creating. Easy?… Continue Reading

A Gift- the dance…

The power resonates from the core of my being. Leading with my heart, the spirit moves me, moves through me. My chest rises with pride as I glide over the wooden stage floor. I can barely see the audience; the colored lights are shining on me, not them. But I can see flickers of eyes,… Continue Reading