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Taking Tribal Global – a soul and colourful attraction!


Taking Tribal Global – 

Greetings lovelies!

I hope you are getting the chance to dance and move your body, listen to great music…. and dress up! Definitely one of the many benefits of our wonderful dance — Soul and a colourful attraction!

Today one of our Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® sisters from the USA shares her story and I love to find out more about our dancers too, when they write, and when Angie shared she’s trained as a fiber artist and makes a lot of her own costuming, works on handwoven pieces with beading, knitting and crochet, I wanted to see more. The possibilities of the dance and street wear sound endless!

…..So how did her connection to GCTB® begin?


Angie “Neylan” Wimmer:

“Dance has always been part of my life- it connects me to the divine within the earth, the universe and myself. Moving in flow with passion, I can’t imagine life without dance.  Angie 'Neylan' Wimmer

When I first discovered belly dance- it was at a Renaissance Faire. The music, rhythms and dance movements sparked a light within me. I wanted it, I wanted to be immersed in what I was hearing and seeing. At that time I didn’t know I was watching Tribal belly dance, I only saw the rich colors, the luscious fabrics of the costumes and the deeply penetrating quality of the music.   It took some time and study before I found classes for myself- and I finally felt like I had come home in dance and my movement.

Angie Wimmer CS1 certificate

Angie with her student troupe Blue Moon Caravan
Angie with her student troupe Blue Moon Caravan

Now after completing several levels of Collective Soul and Teacher Training, I feel even more connected in my dance journey. I love sharing Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® with my dance partners and students. I love seeing the joy in their smiles and how the dance brings us together. Our local community is growing stronger in Tribal Bellydance, and I’m thrilled to be bringing Gypsy Caravan’s style to our little neck of the world. I’ve recently also become the director of The Caravan Project So. New England troupe, connecting our dancers here to the larger group of dance sisters around the world. It’s exciting and an honor to be a part of that beautiful connection and community. But most of all it’s an honor to see the joy of our dance here. “


Angie and MIsha kissing Paulette
Angie and Misha kissing Paulette post training celebrations!

Thank you Angie for sharing your story and we look forward to what develops in the new Caravan Project, your dance, classes…. And costumes!

So what’s your story? What makes those hips sway, the energy lift, the costuming pieces you love adorning yourselves with?

Drop me a note and I’d be SO happy to feature your words here.

Yours in dance and shimmies


Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, writer, coach, and GCTB Certified Master Teacher!

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Congratulations to the newest certified dancers in Collective Soul Level One!

Christopher Lee Jensen, Mary Chang, Mary J Olson

Led by GCTB Master Teacher Amanda Richardson in Wisconsin…

CS1 Wisconson 11:15 amanda and CS1 2015


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