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Wednesday thoughts-the Power Practice

Continuing on from my blog post 2 days ago…

how are those lists coming? The good, the bad, and the ugly…

Sometimes it does take getting older to see both the bigger and the smaller pictures around us. To finally understand that we are not invincible! For us older folk, remember all those crazy nights of partying too hard, not sleeping, dancing too hard (!), not eating right or whatever… we thought we would live forever. Now we feel our bodies more and effects more.

For me, I love getting older. I don’t take myself, or anyone else for granted. And I am grateful everyday for the life I have, the path I have chosen, in fact, all of the paths, even when I took the wrong turn, and the work I have done to build where I am now. Wow, and it continues, daily, to be a great journey.  Often bumpy, with detours, hurts, dark, un-intuitive moments, and other times, right on, shining, curvaceous, and delicious! I rock my own world!

When I resonate with my life, in all aspects, I am living in harmony with my emotional life, my spiritual life, and my physical life. I don’t have to feel like I am running up against a wall, or being too tired, or lacking zest. I am authentic and I can sense my worth, to myself, and to my work. I know my limits, I can manage my business and my play times, which cross over a lot!  I can take care of myself. Then I can give what I have with trust, truth, joy, love, and without any expectations. With so much to share, as I work with you and dance with you.

Now, your turn…and you don’t have to be older to know and learn these things about yourself. Sometimes it just takes longer to find our truths.

What if you said “No” to something that would harm you in some way? Another piece of chocolate, an extra job, a person that bitches all the time, or brings you negativity, any distractions that will sabotage your dream.

What if you said “Yes” to your ideas, your desires, your vision? That extra dance class, the certification course, a day off to write, sticking to that diet regime to lose some weight. What will make you feel great today? Not in an overindulgent way, but a way that does not harm you.

Start a power practice to get in alignment with yourself, your spirit, your goals, your truth. Trust yourself, enjoy your self, acknowledge yourself, and those around you. Today, not tomorrow, today… loves….

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Wednesday Thoughts and Quotes

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