Celebration of ourselves…

Our dance, this tribal style, this Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ™, is a celebration. It is an honoring of ourselves, our bodies, our creativity, and our communion with each other. With that deep, non-verbal connection, the eyes and the hips tell the stories, share the moment, and create the power and beauty.

And we take that celebration into our daily lives. The dance teaches us so much. Our sisters teach us even more. No matter what community you are part of, as it seems almost any “hobby”, collection, group has its own community, some more active than others. Think Harley Davidson motorcycles,  of vintage trailer travelers, or beaders and quilters…you know what I mean. And in some way or other, a celebration is had, required, necessary, to honor your passions and your skills and your connection. This may be a quiet acknowledgement or a full-on party.


Today I sat with the word, celebration, as I use it so much when asked about this dance that I breed and share! And I wondered, What does celebration look like?


Celebration looks like a day of beautiful aloneness

complete with chocolate pudding

a pen and a journal

with some doggie love and giggles


It looks like hips swaying in unison

hips of all sizes and colors with arms linked

and delicious gentleness



It looks like two hummingbirds

chasing each other in full song

and a tree ripe with plump juicy figs

and a bookshelf with dwindling emptiness

in an act of passing it on


It looks like sharing the moment

of connection

of telling your lover of your juicy desire

of telling your mother she’s the best

of telling your friends they rock your world


It looks like taking selfies to look at yourself

of honoring the ground you walk on

of undying gratitude.




And you, my friends, tell me, what does celebration look like for you?

Tell me, in the comments below…




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