Collective Soul Level One, Online, is about to open up for you!

Collective Soul Level One, Online, is about to open up for you!

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Yes! I am starting to plan my 2016 ( and even a bit of 2017-omg!) and am really revving up. I am in such a great space this morning, sitting down to write and share, after a lovely start of meditation, journaling, and juicing, and walking my corgidogs  and cat (yep Princess followed us for our walk…so funny and cute!)I feel ready to take on the world, in such a glorious way, with bits of wonder and gratitude and excitement for the new journeys, both for me and for you! My angels are with me, to help guide me on my journey.

Are you ready to dance into your new journey, in the new year, with beauty and grace and strength and fulfilling your desires?

Many of you have been waiting for the new dates, and registration opens in just FIVE days! woo hoo… November 15th…for…

Gypsy Caravan Tribal BEllydance® Collective Soul Level One, Online! with me…

Starting January 10th, for four fabulous weeks of of  weekly emails full of Beginning Levels One and Two dance moves, with PDFs of instructions, videos to warmup and work out with, drilling for finger cymbal rhythms, sorting out drum rhythms, PLUS you get MP3s to listen to with visualizations and meditations, and journaling prompts. Have your journal ready to dive in to your sweet dancing soul! And join our private global online facebook community to study with…

Your registration page is here

Start your new year off with your dream of more dance, more clarity, more fitness and more fun!

Get certified and then you are ready for Teacher Training Level One (starts February 14th), and on to the more advanced levels of both Collective Soul and Teacher Training (there are six — Although many dancers hope for 120 levels as there is so much in my head and body to share and guide you with, besides a million Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® moves!)

Are you ready?

  • For some personal time to move and write, breathe and question, and get your groove on?

This is for you if you

  • Want to be the best dancer you can be? Using Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance®!
  • And you desire the physical, spiritual, and emotional connection with yourself that you have been waiting for!
  • Want to improve your body skills, posture, and confidence?
  • Want to dig in deep to pursue your dance dreams and desires?
  • Connect with your body, mind, and spirit for a total Tribal experience?
  • Understand the roots of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance® ?
  • Can commit to the four weeks, and make time each week to do the dance!
  • Read more here…

Why Collective Soul?

We dance Tribal because it feels so good and it is empowering and invigorating!

This dance is so primal yet contemporary, so intuitive in our bodies and our souls, that as we dance together in our circle, we hook into our collective unconscious, the collective intuitive knowledge in all of us, and join hearts, bodies, and souls, with this amazing dance form. Finding the strength, beauty, and creative force in ourselves.

This is a dance for all bodies, all ages, all levels, all hearts and souls…

So now is the time to plan, get your hips in gear, your heart and body ready to open up and receive. Our tribes are growing worldwide and I am uber delighted to dance with you, and get you all connected together…the beauty of this dance and our global community–wow–to share in each others dance and journeys too. Creativity, dance, joy, art, connection…

Get on the Tribal train, and be ready for November 15th to sign up and register for this life changing and affirming dance journey…

Your registration page is here

thank you for joining in and being here…

with gladness in my heart and soul and body…may you shine on…


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I am so proud and awed by my dance students…

What have they said about These Collective Soul and Teacher Training courses?

misha, CS1 certificate

I am bursting with joy and gratitude. CS1 was absolutely the highlight of my dance year and I love that I’m starting off 2015 as a member of this tribe! Misha Cain Nell (Florida)

Angie Wimmer CS1 certificate

After completion, I feel a sense of accomplishment and re-inspired to continue dancing with joy in my heart. Angie Wimmer (Massachusetts)



Catherine Taylor, Wendy Hughes, Cayte Lawton, Eleanor Shirkie (UK)

Every time I experience Collective Soul I feel that it moves me further along my own path of authenticity. It is so holistic, intense – the connections, reflections, soul searching. It reaffirms why I live this beautiful dance and I settle deeper and deeper into my own skin and into who I am. It inspires me to dance on, to develop my own dance and to share the joy that it brings with others – not just in dance but in life.

And thank you Paulette for all the deliciousness, for the experiences that have been, and for those yet to come.

Tribal rocks my world! Cayte Lawton (UK)




                                                                                                      Ana Maria, Midori Takadi, Wanda Walker, Jamie – CS1

This Tribal journey is fascinating, joyful, and soul expanding, and I am so very grateful to you for your life’s work in creating this beautiful and powerful dance and paving the way for all of us.  Wanda Walker (Washington)


TT3 grads, 2014- peggy, wanda, martha, shelby                                                                                  Shelby Jone, Peggy Hewitt, Wanda Walker, Martha Rosas (CS3 grads!)

I have to tell you that doing CS & TT1 has been the best and the hardest thing I’ve done and I wouldn’t change it for the world because it was worth it. Your teachings and insights on both certifications opened my eyes and my dance soul.  I am still so inspired by the entire experience! Martha Rosas ( Kansas)

Thank you for being you; for providing dancers like me with a structure that will let us shine and carry on the beauty of Tribal Dance. Shelby Jones (Vermont)


Ginger, Joyce  Anatigone TT2                                                                                                  Ginger Van Divier, Joyce Walters, Antigone Cook and Paulette

There is such a depth and width to this Gypsy Caravan Style of tribal bellydance. When it truly grips your heart, then you will know how meaningful this Collective Soul experience can be, at least that is true for me.
This process of learning and being in this dance brings up joy, bliss, challenge, frustration, ego, sister love, communication, healing, and more and more and more. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you let it, it will reveal the truth of who you are.
What draws to me to this dance is the organic, wholistic, and all encompassing fullness that it brings to my life, and the amazing connections with lovely dancers locally and around the globe. That is Collective Soul!
Again, thank you Paulette for your knowledge, wisdom, and heart, and your Fabulousness!! Joyce Walter (Arizona)


hilaryThe structure and Paulette’s high standards have made me a better dancer over time. So to all you ladies out there who are thinking about it, go for it! Hilary Giovale (Arizona)

To see the amazing list of more students who have completed these courses go here for Collective Soul grads

the International Teacher Training Directory

look in the media gallery for lots of fun photos!


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