Connection through Dance

We are just getting started today with the three-day dance intensive, Collective Soul (with Teacher Training to follow). Several of the dancers came early to take extra classes Tuesday and Wednesday with me, and we had a little party at my farm, with Jeff playing horns and Brett playing drums. A little wine, some food, and some dancing makes for a lovely evening!

And  new connections… Some of the women participating in this intensive have traveled far to do this with me, from the UK, Florida, several areas of Canada, and some just down the road around Portland! We are bridging the gap, between women, ages, cultures, and backgrounds, with this dance.

I have always said that doing this dance has made me see the yearning for connection that the world is craving, and in particular, these dancing ladies. We need it, it is a primal urge, it is tribal—to be a community of sorts. It is organic, with deep roots— an intuitive thing, with the collective unconscious, that we feel what it seems many others have felt over the millions of decades of tribes and communities before us. But it s now that we are dancing, that we are desiring this connection, feeling the contact and the connect with another or a group.

And with this dance we change the world, for the better, by establishing these connections, wether it be in classes, in performances, in workshops, or dance intensives like this one that I lead. We carry it with us when we leave the dance world. We take it out on the streets, maybe smiling at someone as they walk by, or nodding hello, or speaking to someone who may have glanced away from before. Before you felt more confident in your body and in your self. Before you felt sure of your footsteps, your path, your grounding. Before you could walk with pride, lift up your chest, take up space in the everyday world.

But now you can and do, because this dance has helped you to acknowledge the magnificent creature that you are. To know that we are all different but amazing. That we can create beauty and art with our bodies, and with each other, and feel great doing it. Powerful, forceful—in a good way, feminine, strong. Healthy, vibrant.  Those are just a few feelings that this dance evokes through connection and community. It all comes down to each one of us, but it takes all of us to make the whole.

Bhrigha, Bonnie, Lydia, Kristi from Caravan Dance Collective

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