Dance and Desire–2015 Manifesto

Dance and Desire  

Good beginning of the week to you loves….


I mentioned reworking my Tribal Manifesto and although it is not done yet, I thought I would share my process…It is invigorating to write a manifesto. It can be super personal, just about your business ethics, directed at one idea, or all encompassing your world. I think I bring my whole universe into mine.

Once I get it all written out, what I have done in the past is work with it in a design program, like InDesign, so that I can add photos and color, and design up the page a bit, which is fun if you like to do that kind of computer work! But words can be just fine too… Then I like to go back and reread my past ones, but not until I get some words down on the page.

How about you try along with me? Share in the comments as you go… and by the beginning of  January I can share yours too….

Here is my new start!

In my world, dancing everyday is a non-negotiable. And music is a necessity.

Breathe deep and look at your details.


A daily walk with my dogs is always a fabulous idea.

Making soup is another one…

When I wake up in the morning, the very first thought is: meditation or coffee?!

then I do both, and then feed the critters…

You, my dancing folks are my pride and joy. More than anything else, I care about guiding you to:


                      Be vibrant

                            Work your body with celebration

                                 Live life completely

Soften your dance

Yes, I am fantasizing about a Tribal Dance Summit and that  is totally reasonable.


At the end of the day, Contentment and Love is all that matters.

Read. Write. Dance. Practice. Play. Love.

Feel the love.

Feel great.

More glitter.

When I die I want to be remembered as a woman who gave her all, and who inspired others to do the same.

Practice Ahimsa

Go Vegan

         Love all creatures, great and small…

               Do it.

                     what are you waiting for?

Eat food that makes you feel fabulous.

Add a little boot scootin to your day. And don’t forget to sing loud.

Red lipstick. Wine.

Take up space.

Keep it simple.

We are not invincible…take care now…

Have more sex!

There is peace in the truth…

Love…and let other’s love you!

With gratitude…


So much more I could add, but that is it for now!

Your turn….

Thank you for being here,




Tribal Fest registration has gone LIVE

GypsyCaravan Dance Company International is so excited to be attending, teaching, and performing, with the Caravan Project band and dancers too…

and my workshop is  ready for registration!
Who’s Leading?
Thursday…2:30pm-4:30pm –
Exciting variations for changing leaders in the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance™ Magical way
A real tribal conversation between all the dancers. Best for intermediate intermediate + level dancers, but all levels are welcome!
Small class size, don’t wait to register!

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