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Motivational Monday

Today this photo prompt is posted over at our new FB group called Dance and Desire!

Motivational Monday

(which I would love you to join us, here)

Here are a few questions for you to think about!

How do you start your week?

Are you prepared and ready for the week to unfold?

Are you inspired to go after the projects, the work, the life you want this week?

What do you do or need to kick start your week?

What does motivate you?

What or who inspires you?

Can you journal with these thoughts to get your week open and ready for you?

Mondays can be that fresh start day, where I am excited about the work week, the projects, the classes I will teach and take, and the hanging out time I am now scheduling into my week! Yes, me, hang out! I’m learning how to do that better! Whoa, and loving it! Yes, I got to hang out at a music festival all afternoon yesterday and play a few tunes too.









And today I get to go see one of my main inspirations in concert, Lyle Lovett! I scheduled that into my week so I can get my work done too and really be able to enjoy the down time. (Have you ever taken a break or a vacation and worked through it, or thought about the to do list waiting back at home?)

But, back to being motivated on a Monday…I find that the more organized I am, as a solopreneur (meaning I work along 95% of the time), the more I can make it through my week and get my work and fun things scheduled in and done! I love the idea of being a free spirit, but if I don’t stay organized, then I run around in circles and sit in the middle of that circle and cry! Have you ever done that?

So as much as the rebel in my shouts “go with the flow, baby”, the  pragmatic in me says, “come on, take just a few minutes, and write your lists of desires, of to dos, of must dos and when, write the classes to teach, the house cleaning time, and then most importantly, schedule in the down time, the self time, the family time, and whatever else I want to see happen- that-week-time”.

And that works. Even when I fight it with that whole self-sabotage game! (Which I write about a lot here… )

So what motivates me besides the clarity, to get that jump start? I have my daily morning rituals of journaling, meditations, that bit of self-care time that is oh-so-important. Often I will read through some other blogs of my favorite motivational speakers, poets, video clips, etc. I do love knowing and learning about what moves others, and how they work through their issues. It always helps to know that I am not alone.

Clarity and momentum… ahhhh….

Dream building and getting that dream to fruition.

Making it happen.

Doing what I truly desire NOW… that keeps me inspired, motivated, happy, sane. I’m not a procrastinator in general. If I want something, I will do it now. Not later that week or month, or next year. It may not be here then. NOW.

What are you desiring? Write it down, in detail…make it happen. Don’t wait. Say it out loud. Share it. Go get it…

I invite you to write down those thoughts, those answers, and those desires. Share them with us in the comments, below, and how you stay inspired throughout your week!

Many thanks for being here…

Have a great week!

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Again, if you are interested in joining us over at Dance and Desire (it’s free!), I would love to have you! Check it out and see if this is what you need and want right now.

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I’ve gone to lots of workshops and now actually have taken a number of online classes too and I just have to say WOW. You gave SO much during this course! I loved the journaling, meditations, breathing – I wasn’t expecting any of that and it was just wonderful. I love that Collective Soul dips us not into just movements, but into the entire GCTS lifestyle. And WHAT an introduction! This course was so accessible – I realize that many teachers shy away from online learning, but in this age it’s so accessible. I felt you had a perfect way of evaluating students’ progress, and the comments you made were not only kind and constructive but far more detailed than I have seen in other cases. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who’d like to learn GCTS of course, as well as any dancer who’d like to get a great introduction to a well rounded bellydance program.


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