Dancing in the desert

Happy Solstice. On this longest night, shortest day, I am surronded by snow and time to reflect, write, read, and relax. How divine…

A while back a friend of mine, Laurie, lent me a beautiful book of her’s, Coyote’s Canyon, full of gorgeous desert photos and insightful words from different authors. I was quite taken with a story from Terry Tempest Williams. I have not read any other writing by her. I thought this blog would be a good place to share some excerpts with you. It also goes along with the idea of January’s D-Quad theme, Change as a Catalyst. You still have time to write a short piece for me to include in the January issue of Caravan Trails (my monthly newsletter).

“She came to the desert to dance…Movement surrounded her. The wind, clouds, grasses and birds—all reminded her that nothing stands still…Her long spirited stride broke into short leaps with extended arms as she entered the circle dancing, without guilt, without notice, without any thought of herself. She danced from the joy of all she was…she danced to ignite the moon. She danced until gravity pulled her down, and then she rested, her eyes closed, with nothing moving but her heart and lungs, beating, breathing, against the hot, dry desert.

…her hands, like serpents, encouraged primal sounds as she arched forward and back with the grasses. She was the wind that inspired change.

The light deepened, shadows lengthened, and the woman began to turn. Her turns widened with each rotation until she stopped, perfectly balanced. The woman stepped outside the circle and kissed the palms of her hands and placed them on the earth. The dance was over.

…And the woman who came to the desert to dance simply ran her fingers through her long, black hair and smiled.

Isn’t that exquisite? I can really see this woman dancing, what a vision. What do you think? Have you read any of her other stories?

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