Deirdre’s Taking Tribal Global – Special places and happy dancing

Deirdre’s Taking Tribal Global – Special places and happy dancing391A5882-deIt’s well into 2015 now dancers, I hope your dance journey is progressing as you would like?

Are you dancing regularly, challenging yourself, being kind to yourself, reinforcing and enjoying what you know?

We Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydancers® always know how to challenge ourselves, with so many moves and combinations to master, on-line and in-person certifications to work on and review,(nevermind putting into practice and transitions and improvising them !) and I have currently reviewed my Teacher Training Level Three Online, with Paulette, and in some fine company too from around the globe. We are working it for four weeks online and I am thrilled by the fact its time-demanding and soul-searching and zill-thrilling – and I need to make the head space and dance space to give it my best!

Window ledge in Deirdre’s Dance Den

Where do you dance? Do you make a corner of your room a special dance place  – one of the ways I mentally and physically ‘claim my space’ (and I know others do this is too) is to have a little- non-religious- ‘shrine’, an ‘altar of sorts – some special things , objects, mementos that I can glance at, look at that helps me focus , smile and remind me of why I dance, encourage me, remind me to push myself.

This could be some lucky charms, something that’s portable, to take with you to places, items special people have given you, something you’ve made. It’s  personal and there is no right and wrong what may be collected or find itself there! It can be comforting, inspiring, funny, encouraging and healing.

I have shared an area of mine with you here, it will change, be added to, move location in the room but its a personal thing that I love to look at. Mine includes some items people, dance friends, students have given me and includes my prized ‘Shimmy’ License plate I had in Oregon when I was there!

There may be other items to fill the senses like incense. Or it may just be certain music to hear, listen, sway to that brings your mind into a place ready to dance.

So feel free to share your photos, items, creations with us – what makes your dance space special? The people you dance with of course cannot always be there and you may have photos? What does yours look like?

I’m looking forward to hearing any of your stories or seeing any of your pictures, go on, inspire us!

Yours in dance


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