Delicious Divas Dancing Dreams–A Tribal Dancers Anthology 2008-2009

It’s almost here…Our 1st yearly D-Quad Anthology. With the sometimes simple, often eloquent, heart and soul searching thoughts, stories, and poems submitted to me over the past year, how could I not compile them into one dancer’s anthology? And make a lovely little handbook (of sorts) for you, to inspire your dancing journeys for the next year. Since part of my mission is to get dancers to write more, and to write about their dancing stories, this online format is the chosen way to get it to you.¬† And as we move forward with this year’s D-Quad submissions, they will be collected for next year’s anthology, Volume 2!

I’m excited about offering this to you in PDF format, so you can choose to read it on line, or print it as you wish. It will be a telling experience¬† to offer it to you this way, as it will be about trust. Since I am asking for a small payment to send the PDF to you via email, I will ask that you don’t then share it with others who have not paid for it. I love the idea, in the eco-friendly paper-saving era that we are in. So watch for updates, as it will be available soon…

And then, I can’t wait to hear how you are enjoying it!

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A Tribal Dancer's Anthology Cover
A Tribal Dancer's Anthology Cover

cover artwork by our own fabulous Lydia hess!

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