Delicious Divas Dancing Dreams- due May 10th!


Ok, let me hear it for next month’s D-Quad.
Delicious Divas Dancing Dreams…our dancing writer’s forum. This is a place to share your thoughts and inspirations about your dance, maybe art work and photographs if you care to share those too! Once yearly I publish an anthology of the year’s collections, which comes out in the Fall.

Next month’s entrees due May 10th, can you write it down for us? Don’t be shy. And if not to share, at least write it down for yourself.

Here is something for you to think and write about. In the recent past, we have discussed how dancer’s move on from teachers, and into and out of troupes, friends, relationships.

Now, can you look at a dance, or at a dancer, and revel in it’s/her beauty and awesomeness? Or do you immediately have to possess it/her? Can you just bask in the enlightenment of that beauty and wish that dancer the best? And then, can you find out how to bring your own beauty out instead of trying to take someone else’s ideas? Consumerism, ownership, ego, wanting what someone else has or does—is that so much easier than going inside yourself to develop your own? I see and hear this non-artistic quality of imitation so much in our dance world, as I travel around and meet other dancers, seeing what they do with the dance. I witness so many women striving to be and learning how to be dancers. But they take on other’s ideas, instead of taking the time to delve deep inside to find their own artistic freedom and developing into their individual beautiful expression. Again, there is a huge difference between dancing and performing. Hopefully every dancer takes the time to find the spirit in her dance before she takes on teaching and/or performing. Tribal is about dancing together and finding the joy and beauty within so that it can be expressed through the body and soul. My job and goal as a dance teacher is to make my students be the best dancer they can be. I give them tools, ideas, and experiences, to use and study and develop, to then be able to bask in their own artistic glory. And it does take time, years possibly, to find your own voice. Patience and determination, and taking the time to fine tune your own vision of delight—that’s what it takes.

Find out what is is about what you witness that strikes you as something you want in your own life. When you see a great dancer or troupe, what are the qualities that you want to possess for yourself? Take a pen and paper, right now, and quickly without thinking too hard or editing yourself, list five things about that person or that dance/art form that speak out to you. Do it. Now, look at those five things. How can you bring those up from inside yourself? And manifest them into your art form?



Bring it on, writers and dancers!

Thanks for sharing….

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