Dream. Do. Dazzle.

Dream. Do. Dazzle.

Thinking a lot about my coaching services, my dance, and what I have to offer the world, how I live life and show up in the world…lisa lepine RIP

My friend unexpectedly passed away the other day, and  the sadness is so there. She was my age, 58, and she was a shining light. Those words were motto. Dream. Do. Dazzle.

Death always makes me stop and think, and make sure I am doing what I want and need, right now, in this precious life, that could be gone at any moment. Dang…what are you waiting for?

And pondering…A friend was talking to me last night, and about what we do and who we serve. I started to see what I do as a Life Coach, a dance instructor, a well-ness writer, and who I do it for in a new light. And how to tell you and how to bring it to you. You see, I am ready for you, to help you shine your light! To help you find your dazzle. I am passionate about seeing you blossom. I have been guiding women on these type of journeys for over 25 years, through dance, and connection, intuition, magic, and heart.

I take you, women, on creative journeys to find your passions, your wildness, your colors, your delicious body, to be able to move with freedom in that body you desire and make things happen, called action.

And how to make your desires happen, how to bring the magic in, from the creative dreaming processes to the more daily organizational steps to get there, small steps, large leaps…

Organizing is important to make it happen…results are what you want…intentions are set…actions are necessary…

change your story

Changing your story is the key…mindset shifts, truth be revealed, beauty arises, hearts open, bodies flourish, relationships change, love blooms…change your story

I am a colorful woman, a global wanderer, a dancer, a teacher, a poet, a tattooed bellydancing nymph, a coach, a writer, a lover, unafraid to dig in deeper, to say it outloud, with the life experiences as well as the skills to bring YOU into yourself, to help you step it up, to make it happen. Studying with the top coach in the world has awed me and proven to me that I am doing the work I am meant to do.

I want you to step it up. You deserve to, you have a beautiful right to live what and how you are here to live, your purpose, your pleasure.

YOU, the women I am meant to work with, are colorful, with a deep desire to step it up, with a heart that wants to burst open, to move and dance and wear red lipstick, or not, and write that book and sing that song and tone your body and get that tattoo and quit your job and start your own business and wear purple and strut down the street and gather with your friends and love yourself and your partner and make more money and climb a mountain and enjoy every precious moment and get off your ass and feel the daily magic, and get the results you are silently crying out for…

I can hear you…what you asking for and how do you get there…I hear you sister, and yes, I can help you!

My students have always said, that I can get them to do anything I ask (!). Why is that? Because they have trusted me to always give them great advice, and lead them with clarity, intuitive vision and wisdom, and a bit of wildness and experimentation…and I can whoop your ass too…how fun is that?!! We all need some butt-kicking now and then. I promise you to tell it like it is.

Action friends, action…to get there, to get the results, to feel the unfolding…hhhmmm…so good…with methods, like a daily practice, a mind mapping, with motivation and momentum, and attention to self, knowing your enoughness, finding time to truly live, desiring the change, allowing the change…yes, you can.

be the change

be the change you wish to be in the world (thanks Rumi)

So friends, I have four coaching spaces open starting now for  July, for some one-on-one coaching. Are you one of those four ready for me to listen, and guide you on this next phase of your journey? Are you ready to____________?

Dream. Do. Dazzle…

Email me to schedule a time for a free consult to see if we are a good fit, if I can help you do what you are wanting right now… dance@gypsycaravan.us…let’s work together to solidify your path, get you on your calendar,  change your story and make YOU HAPPEN!coaching-New-Logo-FB-Cover-Banner

So much love and gratitude, and here is to living each moment fully!





What’s new?

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Egyptian and Turkish Variations
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Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.02.47 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.05.04 AM


2. Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance

Online #15 – 

Ribcage and Hip Variations

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.19.26 AMScreen Shot 2016-07-06 at 9.20.36 AM


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