Paulette Rees-Denis’ DVD Reviews, by Deirdre Clitheroe (MacDonald)

How wonderful to read what someone thinks of my work. It is an affirmation that I am doing the right thing when someone enjoys the work, does the dance, and takes the time to actually write about it! And when they really like the work, then I am thrilled. Here dancer Deirdre from Scotland, wrote 2 reviews for Mosaic Magazine, a British bellydance magazine… and then sent me copies to read… and here you go… and don’t forget to check out Mosaic

And I am also thrilled that I will be dancing with Deirdre and another dancer SunFyre, along with GC dancer Cinzia from Italy, when I am in England next month teaching at the JOY festival, and also conducting my dance intensives- Collective Soul and Teacher Training! Special indeed…

DVD Reviews




Sometimes you wait  for a few years for the next DVD in a series then two  come along in succession, and a No 11 due out soon!  Paulette’s two  new  latest DVDs are the start of her  recording on DVD her  journey to Taking  Tribal  Global  and both  DVDs have  a different feel about  them- this  one is filmed in Italy  and features Cinzia DiCioccio of Les Soeurs  Tribale, who  is also a member of Gypsy  Caravan  Dance Co International.

The DVD starts  with a thorough warm-up with  a clear focus  on different parts  of your body  and on looking after  your  body, then  gets on to Technique with  ten new moves. These reflect  what  I feel is a renewed energy around Gypsy  Caravan  and an injection of fun  and funky-iness without compromising on the  essence  of sharing this  great non-verbal dance  language. There  is also a practice session with other  members of Les Soeurs, a discussion and a slideshow.

The  moves and  combinations are varied in their  complexity, some  appear on first viewing (and  not  doing) fairly straightforward and  others ·more  tricky but  funky, however getting into the practice and then linking them when  improvising takes a lot of practice. There is a lot here to add to any tribal bellydancers repertoire. The moves are done with Cinzia and Paulette and then Paulette  breaks off to describe the moves  in more  detail  as they are being danced. Moves and combinations are done using the left and the right side, so just when you think  you  have it on your  ‘best’ side, there’s more to be done!

What  I enjoy about  Paulette’s DVDs are the practice sessions where dancers  are shown improvising facing  you and then  from behind to follow along  – very important when you  are really  trying to ‘get’ a new  move and sequence it in. You do feel part  of the session.

A nice touch to the DVD is the discussion at the end with Paulette  and Cinzia about Taking Tribal Global  and what it takes to make tribal improvisation the powerful dance it can be. It’s nice to get these personal touches and insights to a DVD.



This DVD comes  hot on the heels of the No9 and from a different continent, Australia. This  variation on settings adds to the Taking Tribal  Global message and does have a different feel with  Nina Martinez (a member of Gypsy Caravan Dance Co International) and  guest  Sienna  emphasis the  message that  this  truly is a global dance  language. Again a full  warm-up starts  the DVD off, which is good to do and get ideas  for  your own  teaching, and then  into  the moves.

Some  of the moves  and partnering ideas Paulette  has taught previously in workshops so it is good to  recap  these  and correct some  of the  detail, and have  them on film. And  again  both  sides  of the body  are used for the brain-body challenge!   Nina  does a lot of the work  here as Paulette  dances  then  stops to point out the details.

There are also some moves  and combinations that change  a little as dancers get more advanced so it’s good to look out for these. I have been studying with Gypsy  Caravan for  10 years  now  and still  felt  the DVD offered me updates, new  combinations and I particularly loved the partnering ideas including the new Shimmy Around.

With  a practice session  with  an additional dancer  again  the facing/facing away  route is shown and very helpful. I particularly enjoyed this  one as other  Gypsy  Caravan  moves are introduced in the session  and the dancers  improv is impressive.

The discussion and slideshow at the end of the DVD again reinforces Paulette’s style of tribal, taking care of yourself as a dancer  and the power in this  dance.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thanks Deirde, for your thoughtful writing…





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