Friday Bling…almost summertime

Friday Bling and almost summertime…and the livin’ is easy…

It’s mid June, and glamping season full on…

IMG_5598Time again…I’m heading out for  1 and 1/2 weeks of vintage trailering, music making, wine sipping, fun having… How many of you are workaholics like me? Well, it’s time to stop that!

Have yourself some fun, get some down time in, grab a gal friend and get a good soul chat in…

unplug from the freakin’ internet!

Yes, I said that!

We are having the most glorious spring/not yet summer here in the Pac Nw, and every morning I wake up at 4am with the birds singing their hearts out…intoxicatingly magnificent, and the gratitude rolls off me as I am learning to relish every second, and love with a wide open heart.

Dancing with joy, and just added another weekly class here in PDX, working with a delightful fervor on my new Dance & Desire project I told you about earlier this week, getting my Teacher Trainees, Level Two, Online students finished up this week (wowowo–so proud!), and getting ready for the next round of Collective Soul Level One, Online (August 2nd)… so loving it!

And pssst, I’ll be gracing the cover of the next issue of Zaghareet Magazine…oh my…tingling with excitement! New photos and all… so fun!

And so I’m off for some fun now… you too? What are you doing this weekend? Love yourself up and down and take some special time to do that special thing you’ve been wanting… tell me about it love…


Friday Bling

so much good stuff to share this week…lots here…enjoy!


food–finger food–yum…,thanks Sue Ann!

When it comes to creativity;

there’s nothing we need that we don’t already have

– except to find new & improved ways of letting it flow.

wow…100 days of gratitude…

a new ecookbook both Gluten free and Vegan! Yay….Shanna Trenholm

need some sleep? check out my friend Elaine’s incredible ( and inexpensive!) sleep course! wowowo…

wow, family inspiration!

a fallen woman! incredible

some buddhist wisdom for you…

shared before, but have to leave you with this most beautiful

If any of you entrepreneurs are about to launch a biz or product, I highly recommend this amazing woman, Nathalie Lussier… she has got it going on… so check out her webinar here…

you can’t get any better than working with her!

Dancers! Don’t forget to get signed up for our revamped affiliate program so you can turn your dancing friends on to the upcoming Collective Soul Level One Online…. this is for you!


with so much love….

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So excited to start a WEDNESDAY MORNING CLASS in SW Pdx!

*Wednesday mornings, 10:30 -11:30 am Four weeks in July and four in August

(And don’t forget about the ongoing Thursday night class in NE PDX at 5:45!)

Are you ready to dance?

Need some movement and rhythm?

Want to feel great in your skin?

Get that body groovin’? Sounds great, right?



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