Friday Bling, Tribal, and Paulette Rees-Denis!

Friday Bling, Tribal, and Paulette Rees-Denis!

I don’t know about you, but I need to get my Tribal on!

Even though here in Portland we have had a mild winter and an early impressive spring, I can still be a paper weight sitting in front of my computer!

Yes, I’ve been out gardening, I walk my dogs, I go to the gym, and I dance around my kitchen table, but dang, peeps,

I need to get that Tribal Groove going with you all! soooo,

if you are in Portland and the vicinity, I want you to come and dance with me starting next week…

Wednesday mornings or Thursday nights.. or both 🙂 JOIN ME!

Usually every spring for the last several years I have been on the road, touring and teaching workshops and my Collective Soul and Teacher Training intensive certification courses, but this year, I have chosen to not travel so much, and work more from home. I miss the connection in person with everyone I”ve met and danced with, but we have this wonderful thing called the internet to stay in touch…Taking Tribal Global! And my Master Certified Teachers are doing the in person courses and workshops now, and they are truly rockin’ the Tribal! Curious about taking Collective Soul? Several locals to go and visit–how fun is that–time for a dancing vacation? Glasgow, Milan, Wisconsin, Cairns, Perth, Auckland??? Check them out here!

But Portland area dancers!

I’ve got an 8 week session lined up, to get our tribal on… to workout, to laugh, to feel great in our skin, to slug off the winter blah’s, to help kick into our passion and work and life, with a renewal, a re-awareness, a sexy-ness thang, for ourselves (no, not our mate-although it doesn’t hurt!) and to feel freaking great! I’m tired of sitting on my duf and need to dance with YOU!

so here are the deets…

*Wednesday mornings, 9:30-10:30 am (March 11th)

*and/or Thursday evenings, 5:30-6:30 pm (March 12th)

NOW… you get registered, here, and come shake it down with me—this could turn into a meaningful relationship 🙂 dance with me baby ( a la Donna Summer), can’t wait!

paulette's new card--side a-1And we have a new class of Gypsy Caravan Certified Teachers joining the Team Gypsy, today I am testing gals from the US here in Portland and can’t wait to dance with them too… Will announce the new teachers around the world next week!

NOW, for the Friday Bling… ah, so many good vibes to share!

a few food myths revealed! thanks Tony Robbins

need some new dance pants? Check out Mishu

a one minute movie! thanks Lisa Sonora…

avocados every day, that’s what I say! Food Babe strikes again…

Jenna talks about her five fav books!

time for an animal friend…see what you can do!

I made this soup! so good…

any of you into stitchery?

my friend, Jenn, has started a beautiful site to honor stitching traditions around the world! here

how many of you instagram? check out the nectar collective!

yep, I’m trying to do more too

Feature of the Week…Tribal Bliss…Dance and Vision.

online course, on sale through March 15th!

That is tons of good bling, dont’ you think?

As always, I love having you here…let me know what you are loving, or if I can share you with everyone too!

and I leave you with this wonderul article from clean food dirty girl— take these thoughts into your heart!’loves,


From Zimbabwe to Texas, and everywhere in between, people just want to feel connected, happy and loved.

That’s it.

No matter how fucked up, how “normal”, or how many mistakes have been made along the way.

No matter how perfect, how squeaky clean, or how hot of a mess you might be.  

Regardless of how much cocaine has been snorted, or how many green juices have been consciously swallowed.

Whether there’s millions in the bank or just enough for groceries.

It doesn’t matter if religion is your driving force or a force driving you straight to atheism.

Whether you eat leafy greens at every meal, or you have no clue what to do with Bok Choy.

When the stars and planets come out at night and we take the time to look up, we all wish for the same thing.

To feel connected, to feel happy, and to love and be loved. Even if the wish is for something else, the end result will always be connection, happiness and love.

And for you, that might mean being embraced by the waters of the Caribbean.

For someone else it might mean paying rent and having money leftover for dinner and a movie.

The magic might be waking up with the person (or cat) you love each and every morning, or it could be going another day without a drink.

Maybe dancing and letting the music pulsate through your body until 3am makes you feel connected and full of electricity, or you might find your bliss by curling up on the couch and eating cake.  

Whatever it is that turns us on, we can’t truly be connected, happy and loved until we’re connected, happy and loved from within.

At our root. At our core. From our base.

We have to feel sparked up and alive from that unexplainable place within us FIRST, before it can flow out of us like pink sparkly lava, intoxicating everyone in our path.

Once our connection, happiness and love is solid from within, outside stuff can start to complement and enhance our human experience.

But there’s one thing that is guaranteed to throw grapefruit sized hail on our happy parade.

I’m talking Boston winter conditions, when you had your mind set on a day at the beach with your two piece, your fabulous new sunhat and a bottle of champagne.

When we physically feel like shit, none of our joy will feel joyful. Not the Caribbean, not the dancing and not the cake.

When we feel like shit, we have a hard time feeling connected, happiness is “out there” somewhere, and love feels weak – even if our heart is bursting open.

So let’s tread lightly on our body and recognize it for the miraculous place we call home for right now. One day it will get tired and have to be put to rest.

But right now, at this moment, as you’re reading this and I’m writing this, it’s working with us every single day to see that we have the best possible human experience we can have.

In my book, that deserves the very best looking after, love and care that we can possibly give it.

So today, vow to hydrate your beautiful body with lots of water, feed it lots of whole plant foods, get a solid night’s rest,  stop it with the processed foods, get your heart pumping and then, put up your feet and take the time to sink into relaxation. And all the while please make sure you talk nicely to yourself.

You are perfect, and you’re exactly where you need to be in this exact moment.

And have a great weekend…thanks for being here…



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