Friday fabulous things! and a special discount for you…

Friday fabulous things! and a special discount for you…

I hope you had an amazing Solstice and Holiday celebration, and of course, New Year’s is just around the corner! I am sending you so much love and peace and may all your desires flourish for you in 2015…

And now…News Flash for you, my friends for being loyal subscribers to my blog!
I have a special discount gift just for you,

for my

Desire Map Workshop
coming up in January in Portland!

paulette's desire map workshop logo
I am offering you gals a special discount of 30% off the weekend event!

That’s an even bigger savings than the early bird discount!

The Desire Map Workshop
with Paulette Rees-Denis

Are you feeling that you are moving slowly through your days and need a boost?

Are your dreams not happening the way you thought you wanted them to unfold?

Ready for some soul searching clarity?

Do you want a weekend of gal time, for you and your desires?

And a little booty shakin’ too?

Join us for a wildhearted, soulful weekend, full of Dance And Desire!

Find out what is NOT working for you and let’s set some delicious INTENTIONS for 2015…



Soooooo, if you’ve been contemplating joining us for our January weekend…now is the time…

this is only good until Sunday night midnight (PST), December 28th...

if you are ready for some soul searching clarity of finding your Core Desired Feelings,

along with a little booty skakin’!,

just enter 30offdesire in the coupon section after you purchase the full weekend rate! (savings of $73.50–happy new year to you! )…

go here to check it out…I am so excited for this weekend and to be offering it for the first time in Portland), so go

here to register and see the fab schedule and the weekend activities…
many thanks for being so fabulous! And for even more fabulousness, join us!

And for your Friday goodness…

Wild Woman’s river nurtures and grows us into beings that are like her: life givers. As we create, this wild and mysterious being is creating us in return, filling us with love. We are evoked in the way creatures are evoked by sun and water. We are made so alive that we in turn give life out; we burst, we bloom, we divide and multiply, we impregnate, incubate, impart, give forth. -Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D from the book Women Who Run With the Wolves.

MiindBodyGreen…“this precious gift of focus is becoming more and more rare and difficult to accomplish, but it’s nothing a little self-discipline and awareness can’t help kick”…

Still thinking of a gift for the bellydance aficionado in your life? Look no further! Subscribers to From the Hip receive four beautiful, glossy journals for one year and a discount to all From the Hip showcases in Portland, Oregon…..and psst….tickets to to the February 2015 showcase will only be $8 for subscribers! Subscribe online...

lovely photos and an inquisitive soul on a blog….


Amen! two hours of productivity!

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?

George Eliot

Yum! made this…

Magic Book 2015

Wow, oh wow…. these are absolutely amazing photographs and documentation… brilliant and breathtaking…

ok my friends… enjoy these links, let me know what you think in the comments…would love to hear from you… and do join us for me Dance and Desire Workshop coming up!

Have a splendid weekend..I”m going to cook up some soups for friends, and practice my new ukelele!

paulette and uke, 1



if you like what you read here, pass me on to your friends! I do so love to gather up the tribes…thanks for that…


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