Friday, loving you, loving me…

Hello my friends… on the friday of our 3 day weekend, and thinking about our Gypsy C gig tonight here in Portland, with the Caravan Project and Scarlet Thistle…and it is a bellyjam! so if you are around…bring your dancing shoes and share some of our tribal goodness! (see info below!)

There is an amazing plethora of self-care “stuff” out there in the internet world. tons of it, masses of it…

how to do this, how to build that,

make 6 figures,

lose weight, meditate

shine and sparkle


me first

community action

sign this petition

friend me, heart you

sign up now

free gift…

I follow, I’m part of it, I’m curious…but so much self-care… why? why oh why?

because we freakin’ need it!

that’s why…

What have we done to ourselves? We’ve pushed ourselves over the edge, we’ve multi-tasked until we can’t breathe.

We don’t sleep, and eat processed junk that is not even food. We cranky and we judge others.

We’ve numbed ourselves out so we don’t even feel inside anymore.

I’ve written earlier that I’m in “me” month! And even though I’m still working like crazy, I’m noticing more. Awareness, of how I am and what I do, how I do it. But also of what is around me. As in S.L.O.W.I.N.G. Dooooowwwwwnnnn.

Stopping to look, smell, taste, feel, hear….breathe deep. Get up and take a walk. Lay down in the sun. Read a book. Play with the dogs. Enjoy my volunteer work. Create new projects that reach a different level of meaning for me and my clients. Work better. Play better. Stop. Talk. Yes, really talk. And listen. To my friends, to my man, to my soul. Trust in my intuition and build it back to where it used to be. Feel. Feed. Feed me, so I can feed you. Take a class, or two, or three. Just for fun. Pick the guitar. Read another blog. Write about it. Throw the tarot cards. Meditate. Go. Get some Counseling. Have that meeting and change things. Things that aren’t serving anymore. Things that aren’t joyful any more, that bring stress. Yep. cut them out… clean out the closets. Donate (not the junk!). Cleanse. Follow the spontaneity. Workout. Work in. Love love love…Reinvigorate, renew, recycle…

By the way, my me month is going to continue on for eternity! It is feeling good. Your turn too!

What do you have to say? comment below…


Being Friday, Here are some others doing what I love!

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now go out, take care of yourself, inside, outside, and all around… and love everyone up!



This Friday in Portland, May23rd, Tribal Bellydance Night with The Caravan Project– playing for Gypsy Caravan Dance Company and Scarlet Thistle, plus a BELLYJAM… so come and join us! at the Velo Cult Bike Shop, 7 pm… kids welcome! no cover….

ScarletThistle-belly-dance-portland 10317757_786708274680140_1762732178031894688_o

**and check out my three new online classes too…#5,6,7…


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