Friday, oh and Saturday rockin’ weekend!

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.” Jonathon Swift


November…yes, here we are…are you having such a full (busy) life that life is zipping on by? What are you seeing? What is your vision?

Are you able to stop and look around you each day to know where you are? Do you allow yourself to be present, pay attention to the details, feel the love? I am, yet I continually have to work on this- on slowing down, on saying ‘No”, on paying attention, on chewing slowly. I’m always saying to step it up, but even I have to step it down a notch these days. And I’ve nixed the word ”busy” out of my vocabulary. Try it. Fill up with what you really mean and desire.

Part of why is that the projects I’m working on are so exciting, and I can barely wait to get them into your hot little hands (like my Teacher Training One, Online starting in January). And the other part is that I still try to take on too much at once–my life story. Triple fire, high energy, uber and over creative juices streaming out of my brain, yet the need to look at reality. And slow down. Ha… So I just hired myself a new business and life coach. Over the moon excited to have someone help guide me with these incredible dance journey ideas, so that I can give my best to you. Yes, we all need outside advice, eyes, soul searching peeps to hold the hand and listen to the heart.


One fun thing I am doing is rewriting my Tribal Manifesto, which I’ve done for the past 3 years. I love this creative exercise… revamping, looking into, thinking and feeling about my life, my ethics, my play, the work I do, and most importantly, who I do it for and why. Desires. Vision boarding too. I love these processes. Some concepts from the past feel stronger, some have replacement beliefs, some just drift away. All good… I’ll share my steps with you soon, in my Monday blog—Dance and Desire…

Did you read my poem a few weeks back? Wondering if you can write me a poem too…I would soooo love that…


And now, on to the Friday treats… got lots for you…have fun!

* Here is a great interview with Marie Forleo and Arianna Huffington….

*from our food babe!

*Dancing with Flow by Tara Joyce

The flow doesn’t arrive until you break past your barrier. Your barrier appears as that “thing” you feel prevents you from starting. And that “thing” is the part of you that resists the activity, that says you can’t do it. You can.

Once you start, despite this feeling of being blocked and unable, you will find your groove. You will get into your flow. Once you’re in it, from there, it becomes hard to stop.

Our flow feels so good that we can begin desiring it non-stop, without realizing that without our wane, our time of reflecting and in-action, our flow would be of little value. We need both growth and fallow. Wax and wane.

This is the wonderfully contrasting experience of dancing with our flow — it’s hard to start and hard to stop.

* Minimalist or not? Mike Burns writes…

*Jonathon Milligan, I need this… how about you all out there? How to Create Focus On-Demand When You Need It Most

*Thank you Kate Northrup! Doing Less…

*Thanks Samantha Fox Olson…4 Tips For Rocking Everlasting Energy

*Getting cooler and time for soups and stews… check out these chilis!



I’ll leave you with a video of our Octoberfest performance! Live music with the Caravan Project band (oh that band!), Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, Gypsy Heart Tribal, the Caravan Project Seattle, and Darshan, so full of great energy, heart and soul connection, and pure fun… it is long, so grab a cuppa and relax..enjoy…here

(did you know you can see lots of our performances here

and here!)

Well, I’m off to make some soups and bread for this chilly weekend, you all have a grand time, and remember how much I love you!



Monday I introduced to you the inspiring women who will be joining me at our

22nd Annual Women’s Weekend

the Tribal Quest Experience Retreat —

Dance and Desire

with Paulette Rees-Denis, Lynea Gillen, and Elena Lipson

April 24-26, 2015

at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit, Oregon

Join us to dance,

to be nourished and to nourish,

to dream and be dreamed,

to honor and cherish ourselves.

elena lipson DSCF6310

Want to know more? go here….

Join us and get registered…. Limited space at this great retreat in the mountains!




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