Friday What I am loving….

What I am loving….even though it is still Thursday in Ohio!

My workshop last Monday in Toledo! Thanks dancers, you did fantastic for the short 2 hours we had together! can’t wait to meet up again… Looking forward to Columbus workshops this Saturday…

Hanging with a house full of gal friends! I suggest you try it soon, make a weekend date for a slumber party–and cook, go out to hear music, shop for good food, drink some pisco sours, eat, laugh lots, go junking, and sit by the fire relaxing and more laughing…now that is a weekend…

my instagram photos!   at gypsypaulette

Ok, new cook book this week, I am soooo loving it…
Kris carrs new Sexy Crazy Kitchen…. So full with recipes of yumminess I just want to cook all of them now….and some with  my new Vitamix!!!!! woo hoo, now we are talking smoooooothies….

And a new launch for the dynamo Danielle LaPorte, another of my heroes… Wow…all this excitement….
This innovative woman knows how to throw a party….


My Talking Tribal Vlog series is now up to #7…. I would love to share part one of my conversation with lynea Gillen
Paulette Rees-Denis, Talking Tribal…with Lynea Gillen, Part 1

Join Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen in Lynea’s yoga studio in Portland, Or, Talking Tribal…talking about Tribal Trance Dance, the Annual Tribal Bellydance Retreat at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Dance as healing, African Tribal Fusion, and more… Part 1, November 2012

And I am doing Depok Chopra’s 21 day meditation challenge too–do you meditate?

Loving waking up every morning and doing that 15 minutes before my morning coffee and novel writing discipline! Yes, I am still
Writing every day for Nanowrimo–
National novel writing month! Coming along, but definitely not at the 2000 words a day…no matter, it is flowing as it should be!

Alright my friends, enjoy the your glorious weekend to come…thanks for hanging out…

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