Friday, what I’m loving…

On the road…Home from Columbus, and my mother is recovering quickly and well. That was a scary time, but the worst is over. (thank you again for all your well wishes! What a great community of love and support I have…)

Taking Tribal Global…at least to Ohio this time!…and how fortunate I was to have my dancing friend, Laylia, pull together a two hour workshop for me to teach while I was in town, pretty much at the last minute… She had me teach there just a month ago when I was visiting, which had dancers driving up to two hours in snow storms to get to me! That is the midwest winters!


This time is was cold and snowy too… and dancers came to fill up the space with lovely energy and desire to learn and dance together. Most of these dancers are new to tribal, some new to dance, some studying cabaret styles, and how delightful for me to teach all of them some basic steps and more complicated combos. Learning Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (™) is a great workout, and hard, but that makes the challenge of something new more rewarding on many different levels…know what I mean? And you get to love your body and your rhythm, with  more awareness. Plus it is so fun to dance with partners and in a connected group, and we laughed a lot!

Now it seems that I will be traveling back to Columbus about once every two months to teach some beginning Tribal workshops and add on some  hours for seasoned dancers to get more steps and drilling time! I am pumped… how cool is that? We will announce the dates soon for the next few months so you can join in, anyone in the Ohio area!

And just as I got home, I was able to teach a second Tribal Shawl class for Portland tribe, Gypsy Heart, oh and they were so beautiful dancing with the shawl (manton) that I kept squealing during class as I watched… love that! The shawl is so elegant and gorgeous, and it is my favorite prop to dance with these days. (Look for a Tribal Shawl online class coming this spring!)

You can see a little Gypsy Caravan action with the shawl at Tribal Fest last spring! here on Vimeo…

GCDC at tribal fest 2013


And being Friday, for my hot picks of the week…what is Rocking my world!

Stop thinking and Dance

Hand typed inspiration for you…

….thanks Tami from RowdyKittens for this one…

love what this woman offers…Make 2014 Your Best Yet

orange chocolate tart, and so much more…

ok, my friends, get your weekend fun started, and smile at everyone!

Thanks for being here and enjoying the sharing…let me know what you think in the comments below…

I adore you!






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