Friday What I’m Loving

Friday What I’m Loving

Tell me, what is it you plan to do

with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver

Good friday to you my friends…

I was told recently by my body worker, who has done amazing work on my injured shoulders and neck (from the past), to soften. What? I’ve worked so hard to stand tall, correct my posture, stay connected to my core, and stand in my power, that I had actually built armor around my self, my heart and body. I realized it was not only for that strong place, but  for protection too. Whoa…and listening to him and feeling that in my body made so much sense.

I wanted to dance, and live, in a place of power and strength, of sureness, of stability. But standing there in front of him, I could feel the armor, and as he worked on me, I could feel the layers getting stripped away. And it felt great! To allow my true self to shine, instead of staying in some sort of protection mode, but to be vulnerable. There is that word again, I talked about it a few weeks ago. That doesn’t mean, not strong or centered or sure, but really just to be part of this life, to allow, to feel and express, and to just be, not always in control.


Have you felt that way? In work? Dance? Love? Making art?

Now I’m peeling off my layers of armor and shields, in my day to day life, and in my dance. To open up, more, to let my light shine.

So, here is something for you to think about…

Soften your dance 

How does that make you feel? To think about your dance in those terms? Can you do it?



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Now you all have a great weekend… If you are in Portland, come see Gypsy Caravan and the Caravan Project perform Saturday night at Corkscrew wine bar…

and I hope to see you on the journey…




And Coming up…


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