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What an amazing week it has been…Can I just tell you that here in Portland we are having a most unusual but amazing spring! It is normally raining raining raining,,, but noooo, not this year, it is drop dead gorgeous, I am out walking my corgi dogs everyday, working in my garden, and today it is supposed to get into the 70’s. Hallelujah! And I’m not trying to make any of you jealous 🙂 And don’t daffodils make you swoon?

Plus I did my 3 day juice fast, definitely did not seem long enough for a major overhaul, but I felt lighter and fresher! And def some interesting observations (some posted earlier this week).

Next week I am excited to bring you Kerrie Blazek as our guest blogger! Now this fab gal knows how to live her life, and she will tell you a bit about it next week!

Kerrie Blazek, About Me

and what else is rockin my world this week! oohhhh…. so much

**Lynea and my Tribal Bliss class is rockin’ it,  … so much that we have added new dates for June 17th! I am beyond thrilled when the work I have to share can be just what someone else needs and desires to give them some joy!

Registration starts June 2nd…so jot those dates down in your Google Calendar…

Tribal Bliss logo-smaller**ok get your bootie kicked for a quick 10 minutes…read Ben Greenfield’s tips!

*Andrea Sher, SuperHero…oh yea…

What we decide about ourselves in those moments is what matters most.

* AND Gypsy Caravan Dance Co, got our performance slot at Tribal Fest

this year it will be Friday at 6:22!

Now we got some great new dance grooves going on that we are going to share…thinking alot about my Tribal Roots…. and my personal roots, and my deepest loves at the moment that are inspiring me and my dance! More on that later,,,

plus I have two BRAND new workshop offerings… Tribal Closeness and Tribal Orbits!!!  You can still register for my workshops on Thursday and Saturday too… oh got some great new tribal grooves for you… register here…

*my goodness, does the tribal juiciness ever stop? NOoooo.

Because we’ve added Collective Soul and Teacher Training Level One for October in Portland…

So new  Fall dates for

Collective Soul and Teacher Training Level One in Portland

this year will be October 4th– 8th, 2013

More info coming at you soon about registration…

In the meantime you can read more about these courses and what they will do for you, on this site, here…

*ok lovelies…get out and move that body, write down some wordage, get crackin’ on living your fullest you, and share the love!

thanks for being here…enjoy the weekend…


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