Friday what is rockin’ my world!

Hello my lovely weekend love warriors!

morning sky

How about this beautiful sky full of thunder and lightning to wake up to?

Lots of great stuff to share with you this grand Friday…

First, My non-negotiables!

after my post last friday, I’ve had some great private comments by some of you, on to taking better care of yourself, asking for what you need, stating  your desires, and getting them done… sometimes it is enough to share your thoughts with another to make an impact on your soul, sometimes  you need to shout it really loud…what ever it takes for you to live that simple and fulfilled life, you do deserve it.

And I talked about my non-negotiables…what I need and want to live my fullest, daily…all week I have journaled about them and the virtues that I believe in for myself, thanks to Kristopher Carter’s this Epic Life manifesto…he talks about upgrading your lens, defining your non-negotiables,and having full-life integration…love it, and I have narrowed down my wordage for my non-negotiables!

Down to five … they all revolve around connection, and of course there are sub-titles and sub headings, etc…

but the big titles are

Spiritual Connection

Physical Connection

Family Connection

Love Connection

Work Connection

For spirit, I need to have quiet time, meditation time, reflective time

-for physical, I need to dance, walk, workout, and be in nature

-for family, I want to spend quality, daily time with my soul mates, my soul pets, partners, and dear ones

-for Love, I need self-love first, then I want to spread the love, and feel the love

-and for work, I must do my soul work, create and share, to empower and ignite others to do the same….


how about you? Can you share your non-negotiables? in the comments below…


ok all you beauties, now for our Friday round up!

*love this song…Colbie Caillet

**Words Thank you Rachel Cole!

A Well-fed Woman consumes what she is hungry for. A Hungry woman is consumed by what she hungers for. Big difference. – Rachel W Cole

I love that Kris Carr signs her blog, peace and rawesomeness! and tis the season!

**Good morning stuff for you….

**if this isn’t magnificent, and majestic? makes me weep just to see the beauty..

**Now you know why I play guitar!!!

How Playing an Instrument Creates Fireworks in Your Brain

**because Ash  just makes me laugh sometimes

**I’m feeling so empowered and right on this week, and this girl says it right!–Samantha Fox Olson

Basically, there is so much power in showing up for yourself on the daily. Even when it feels so hard, know that the alternative is shit stains compared to what you are preparing yourself for! YOU ROCK! And you DESERVE to look AND feel freaking amazing!!!!

Kauai Yoga And Fitness With Samantha Fox Olson

**Mark and Angel Hack Life–morning wakeup!

**Cool things and repaying the love…Poses for Paws!

WOW, what a week of goodness… hope that inspires you


AND Now I have lots of events and performances coming up, so I thought I would make it a bit easier if I posted them here for you, so you did not have to keep looking at the website

Workshops with Paulette

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (TM) Certification Intensives in Portland with Paulette! This week I’ve got dancers flying in from Scotland, New Zealand, New Hampshire, Florida, Seattle, England… and we get to dance together for a week!

  • August 7 and 8- Teacher Training Level Two
  • August 9 and 10- Collective Soul Level Three
  • August 11 and 12 – Collective Soul Level four

read more…Collective Soul and Teacher Training


Dance, Yoga and TRE– A movement workshop with

Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen

Saturday, September 27, 2014, 10am-4pm at

Stillmeadow Retreat Center, just south of Portland, OR

if you want to dance, move your body with freedom, write, sparkle, stretch, shake it out, dig in, breathe, and find your bliss. We want you to have some time for yourself, to experiment with your dance, and to feel blissful in your body!

Go here to register!


Tribal Bliss — Volume 1 – Dance and Vision –

starting September 7th!

… a four week online movement journey with Paulette Rees-Denis and Lynea Gillen…

This is for you to have some time for yourself, to experiment with your dance, and to feel blissful in your body!

To read more go here.  Register now, right here!


just added, a six week Wednesday morning

Tribal Bellydance/Tribal Grooves class in Portland with Paulette!

starting September 3rd, 9:30-10:30 am at Moxie Studios!

more here…


Paulette Rees-Denis/Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance

in Columbus, Ohio!

October 18th and 19th, register here


BellyFusion Festival January 16-18,  2015

Gypsy Caravan Dance Company,

with Cinzia DiCioccio and Deirdre Macdonald will be teaching in Paris


Our 22nd Annual Tribal Dance / Tribal Vision Women’s Weekend at

Breitenbush Hot Spring, Detroit, Oregon, April 24-26, 2015!

and more to come!


and that should do it for while!

hope to see you on the road…

thanks so much for being here and for all the you do!





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