Friday what is rocking my world!

What a fun week it has been, studying , playing music, getting my tribal groove on, finishing up the Trance Dance series…

* and woo hoo… I am working on something, a new online course, I am so excited to share with you…coming up in  a few weeks! this is officially a tease to you 🙂

*Learning the app, Pages, on my iPad…Also learning more about IMovie and sharing video footage…I am so not a computer geek, but I am getting it!
*Sharing my photographs that I have taken, spanning the past 20 years of tribal dance, troupes, tattoos, musicians and more, at my new Etsy shop



* Jonathon Fields– Good Life Project (again!)…last one with another hero, Marie Forleo

*Danielle LaPorte’s new Desire Map, she is totally rockin it!






*Simon Sinek’s TED talk about leadership–I love what he has to say, heart and soul and brain works…what draws you in to someone or something…
*Still loving Leonie’s Business Goddess e-course, I go back to it often…

Now you can get her
2013 Create Your Incredible Year Calendar & Workbook

Forget resolutions (they never last!) Create an incredible 2013.. I am writing writing writing, listening listening listening …to my heart and soul… you?

**Kris Carr’s new cookbook–crazy Sexy Kitchen…, OMG…so many drooling recipes, I’m trying a new one almost everyday…
and yes, I did make the beet ravioli with cashew cream cheese, unbelievably good…

click to view!

Have a great weekend… I’m glad you are here!


Collective Soul Level One, Portland May 2,3,4, 2013
also Level Two and Teacher Training Level One to follow!
What do you get when you take Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance Certification Course–Collective Soul and Teacher Training?
Join us!
*to see you follow your dreams
*to give you information and instruction
*to teach you dance training, strength training, and body skills
*to assist you in becoming the artist you are/can be
*to give you the tools to further your dance
*to challenge you and to empower you as a dancer
*to honor your body, your spirit, and your mind
*to joyfully bring you together, to network, with other like-minded dancers from around the globe

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