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Greetings from Milan!

I have just finished up three days of Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance Master Teacher Training Intensive with the two most glorious dancers in the south of England…Deirdre Macdonald, from the UK, and Cinzia DiCioccio, from Italy.  And then today flew to Italy too, for a weekend of Tribal Bellydance workshops in Milan!

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And this was after a whirlwind weekend of five Gypsy Caravan workshops and a dynamic performance at the fabulous Majma Festival in Glastonbury!

That was an amazing weekend, and the Tribal love was reintroduced with a newfound strength in all of these dancers! Wow. It was an outstanding experience on my part to witness the glorious dancing moments when these women had Tribal aha moments and realized with the dance and the spirit of tribal was really about—structured freedom in the dance, a super amazing connection with self, and then whoa, with a whole room full of dancers from around the country, pure joy and celebration, and so much more on so many levels…one of our dancing sisters sums up the weekend so eloquently… please check out Cayte’s blog post about the weekend, over at Tribal Pilgrims…

Back to these delicious women—Cinzia and Deirdre–who are dancers in my Gypsy Caravan Dance Company, and have been studying with me for years. Teaching on their own as well, they have made the intention to focus on the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance (™) format to carry on the legacy and pass on the power and beauty to those they touch, as well as to enhance themselves as dancers and teachers. What I so love and appreciate is the diversity of women who choose this dance, whether it be totally focused or an integral part of their dance repertoire. and to see them come together, to dance for joy and to work hard, is a relentless but incredible task on my part–oh I do love my job!

To be able to share in the love, the bliss, the celebration…to be able to pass on this format with fierce determination…that’s what my Master Teachers have! Fierce determination…is that freakin’ awesome??!!

So what does the Master Teacher Training mean? These women have dedicated themselves and their years of study and practice to pass on the Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance, and the Tribal lifestyle with all that comes with. To empower dancers with the spirit, the wellness, the education, that comes with the dance. So you see, it is a lifestyle in that sense, not just a dance. But the dance is so stupendous in its own right, that how can you not dance?

It feels so right, so good on and in the body, the mind, the soul, and these women join the ranks of Nina in Australia, and Amanda in Wisconsin to add to my stable of Master Teachers, and they are coming at you with

 the Collective Soul Experience!

And here is where you can join us!

*April 4-14, 2014…Mexico City and Quetero ...Paulette and Nina
workshops plus Collective Soul Level Two and Teacher Training Level One,

want CS1? let Walky know! contact Walky,

**and in Portland, Oregon this May and June with moi!

May 27 – June 2, June 4 – 8, 2014–Portland, OR

  • May 27 & 28 – Collective Soul Level One
  • May 29, 30, & 31 – Teacher Training Level One
  • June 1 & 2 – Collective Soul Level Two,
  • June 4, 5, & 6 – Teacher Training Level Two,
  • June 7 & 8 – Collective Soul Level Three

read more…Collective Soul and Teacher Training
contact Paulette for more info and to receive your application,

 *And Midwest and East coast dancers! **Collective Soul Levels One and Two… September 12-15th outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin

with Gypsy Caravan Master Teacher, Amanda Richardson… A sweet little town to go visit, and dance, study,  and enjoy the tribal spirit…email

and September 29th – 30th, 2014, Tropical Tribal Retreat! Join Master Teacher Nina Martinez, in Innisfail Australia, 

Collective Soul Tribal Bellydance Intensive Certification course Levels One and Two,
plus workshops and special guest instructors–dance hard, honor, and celebrate our dance and ourselves!

and Collective Soul Level One and Two In th UK this Fall with Deirdre..dates TBA

And in Milan, Italy this fall with Cinzia…dates TBA!

Are you getting excited?

~~~~~~and now for some of my Friday sharing…

Woman of the Week—Dani Shapiro! Along with her wonderful book –Still Writing—and her blog post, here..

“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation…”

—Audre Lorde


Don’t’ you want this tshirt? Stand up proud, and check out what they support too!

*oh my…the delicious, sometimes dark and beautiful, writing and recipes at…

*6 Super Fabulous Ways to Own Your Awesomeness!

* Meet Tabitha…the goddess of Peace, passion, and Purpose!….

The surprising way Nature supports you in business (Do you get support from nature?)

*because Brene rocks… and so does this woman–Carrie Rodriguez…

*a different sort of fabulous post from Mariah Neeson...

~~~~~~And wow, I am so excited about the GCDC Calendar of Workshops coming up over the next few months! I do so hope you can join us…

**March 8 & 9 in Milan, Italy–this weekend! Workshops Saturday and Sunday and a hafla Saturday night… contact

*Starting next week! Online! March 16th-The Tribal Quest Experience, a six week e-course–bringing you the dance, the workout, the ideas, with the creatives–a bevy of amazing women to share their life’s work with you, plus more tribal goodness to guide you to be in your now space–so beautiful and inspired and with the celebration of ourselves.

Read more here
Register here

*March 22, 2014…Paulette back in Columbus Ohio

…thanks to Laylia!
4-7 pm…3 hours of Tribal Goodness!
St. John’s Church 59 E. Mound Street Columbus, Ohio
read more here… 

*March 28-30, 2014–Paulette and the Gypsy Caravan, with Gina and Karen, back at Cues and Tattoos Festival in Seattle, WA!

**Join us for our women’s weekend of Tribal Bellydance, and so much more

Apr 25-27, 2014…The 21st year…Tribal Vision, Tribal Bliss– a movement and dance retreat and journey

at Breitenbush Hot Springs, Detroit Oregon
Different this coming year, with new offerings for you!
With Paulette Rees-Denis, Lynea Gillen, plus, Carol Vance , also from Gypsy Caravan…and Darshan ( Miss Cammi Vance)! adding her amazing dance  and healing skills to our exceptional weekend!

To read more and see the schedule…go here….

AND Register here…


May 27 – June 2, June 4 – 8, 2014–Portland, OR…Gypsy Caravan’s Collective Soul and Teacher Training Tribal Bellydance Certification Intensives!

A s mentioned above…


June 28-30, 2014–Paulette and Amanda back at Tribal Revolution! Chicago!


July 9-20, 2014–Gypsy Caravan Dance company- Paulette and Cinzia at

Tribal Umrah — Prague!


Thank you for being here, for listening, for sharing… for your creative spark in the world…and share your comments below!


**You can watch our performance at Majma here…

*Just a few pics for you!

The workshops in a fine hall complete with chandeliers for all the goddesses!

photo 2



and my incredible UK friend Louisa, who is always an inspiration to be with!

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