Greetings from New Zealand!

Hello from New Zealand!

On the last week of my month long down under dance tour… and it is going splendidly…wowowo…what an amazing journey, and super full on…

I get up every morning, right now in Rotorua, for my power walk and run, and strangely for me, my brain, and my body, it is spring here! I listen to the amazing bird songs, so beautiful, and see all the blossoms coming to life—the magnolias, jasmines, rhoddies, and other bushes I don’t know, and I breathe in the freshness of spring. My body however is geared for fall in Portland, as I’ve been through spring this year already. So it is mildly confused! I allow myself the double pleasure of 2 springs in one year. This is an incredible trip—what a glorious opportunity and adventure, and I love the path I am on, bringing the dance and the tribal lifestyle of wellness, wholeness, celebration, and connection that goes with it.

Congrats to all these hard dancing women who have worked so full on in all of my Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance ® intensives and six hours a day of dance workshops, sweating and laughing and getting our tribal on with our communities from around the country. In the certification intensives—Collective Soul and Teacher Training, and Tribal Grooves Teacher Training, and Master Teacher Training— diving deeper to dance desires and self-care with journaling and meditations and lots of discussions, with tears and laughter, on why we dance and what we truly want for our selves and our dance…





I have always said that our dance, this tribal style, is an incredible lifestyle. That encompasses how we take care of our bodies, our temples, how we feel, and why we do what we do. With the dance, with ourselves, and with each other. Passing it on, inspiring the tribes, living a full on creative and vibrant life, and bringing joy to the world!

Excited about making some new video blogs with these dancers… Here is an informal talk about dance and what we love about it with some of the Australian dancers I’ve been dancing with!

Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance—Tribal Travels

with Paulette, Nina, Bolly, Sienna, and Caroline…have a look and listen!

Super fun… thanks for being here with us and giving us a listen…

I would love to know why YOU dance!

Can you share in the comments below? Keep this inspiring conversation going!




What’s coming up?

Tribal Grooves ™ is spreading like wildfire around the world! Certified teachers now in the USA, Australia, and New Zealand, and their students are LOVING it! Are you ready to be a certified Tribal Grooves™ instructor? Bring this to your studio and your town? Now is the time…

Tribal Grooves™ Teacher Training in Portland Saturday October 8th…


Ready to get your groove on, have a fabulous time dancing and teaching and sharing the joy? Learn some great dance ideas using Gypsy Caravan Tribal Bellydance, tone that body up, get some business coaching for building your classes to success, and enjoy simply dancing and spreading the love!

Registration deadline coming soon… please register by October 3rd! Go here!

Gypsy Caravan Collective Soul Level One, online,

Gypsy Caravan Tribal bellydance collective soul buttons-greenwith Paulette, 4 weeks!

Starting Sunday October 9th.

Register now and join us. Get your Tribal on!

This is part one to our Teacher Training Level One to follow in November!

Register here

Portland classes starting Monday October 10th!!!

Tribal Grooves and Dance and Desireread more and register here…

2 classes in one night, delicious, for six weeks!!!!

tribal grooves and D&D duo class





Healing With Music Summit is Live!

You can still join in the conversations and it is FREE!

I speak on the 30th!

Come sign up for this really powerful and insightful FREE 5-day online retreat and learn how to gain a deeper sense of inner peace so that you can welcome unconditional love and transform your life! Begins September 26th – 30th. Sign Up Here:

— with Jessica Serran, Paulette Rees-Denis, Marilyn Gordon and Sharon Carne, and Patricia Daly!


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