Happiness within the dance…

I was reading about joy this morning…Happiness…do we expect something or someone to bring us happiness, or make us happy? I have seen many students who expect the dance to make them happy. On many levels it can, but ultimately doesn’t it need to come from within us?

Personal power, inner awareness, outer consciousness,  confidence—the dance can help us gain these attributes because it makes us pay attention to ourselves, to our breath, to our bodies. We dance, which means we move body parts, get our circulation and our metabolism churning, get our blood pumping, get sweating and get our glow on. As the dance spirals through us, we  relax into the dance, into the moment, and into ourselves. We watch not only ourselves, but each other, and then we laugh.

May Dance fill your Life with Happiness…
May Happiness fill your Dance with Life.

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