Healthy Eating: Turn the Music Up, Your Body Knows All the Right Moves

Hey my friends. today I want to introduce you to one my new friends, and a motivated gal who is way into helping you get lean and mean and healthy and even more fabulous than you already are!

Meet Shamra Byrne!

Healthy Eating: Turn the Music Up, Your Body Knows All the Right Moves

shamra byrne

You know when you put on your favorite song and your hips just start to move?  Or when you’re dancing and your body finds the rhythm of the music without you even having to think? As a dancer, I’m sure you’ve felt it before – that crazy way your mind relaxes as your body takes over.

Dancers are some of the people most in tune with their bodies, the way they feel and move, their curves and contours. They trust their bodies more than most and recognize the supreme intelligence that exists within them. When the music is playing, the body is a temple.

However, once the music stops, many dancers stop honoring their bodies. They eat chemicalized, artificial foods, consume more sugar than their bodies can process, ingest foods that promote an allergenic response, and more. I know I used to!  I completely forgot to treat my body as the temple it truly is.

As a dancer, what you do off the dance floor might be even more important than what you do on the dance floor!  Your body is your tool.  It is the instrument through which you express yourself. If you don’t treat your body well off the dance floor, there is no way it is going to be able to serve you on the dance floor. Eating healthy is critical to improving not only the way your body looks and feels, but also the way it is able to perform.

Just like the way your body knows how to move when you dance, your body also knows what to eat.  If you take the time to check in with it before meals, it will tell you exactly how much it wants to eat.  When you pay attention to the sensations and feelings you have after a meal, you will gradually begin to learn what energizes your body and what weakens it.

What foods work best for your body depend on your age, unique genetic makeup, taste preferences, ethnic background and more.  Although the diet industry might tell you differently, there is no one meal plan that works for everyone.  One person might be able to eat more meat than another, require more raw foods or not respond well to nightshades while a second person will have a completely different response.

Nonetheless, figuring out what foods energize and strengthen your body is not difficult.  In fact, people such as dancers who are highly attuned to their body’s sensations are in the perfect position to begin exploring which foods are healthy for them.  This is because they are already highly aware of what their bodies need to function at their best.

Regardless of what you are currently eating, where your weight is or the current state of your health, you can begin tuning into your body and asking her what she needs today.  Have no doubt, once you start opening space for her to speak with you, she will, loud and clear!

As a springboard for you to start from, I would suggest dedicating most of your plate to unprocessed, whole foods.  Here are my favorites:

  • Fresh fruits and veggies. Vegetables are just like a best friend. Seriously.  Just like my ladies help lift me up when I’m feeling down, tell me I’m beautiful and make me feel sexy, eating vegetables as the bulk of my meals make me feel happier, lighter, and more attractive.  They give you that beautiful beta-carotene glow, improve your complexion, bring light and clearness to your eyes, and so much more.  Fruits are similar.  We don’t hang out as often – mostly because my body tells me it doesn’t like too much sugar – but we still enjoy getting together every now and then.
  • Healthy fats. Coconut oil, ghee, olive oil, fish oil, avocado, and other healthy fats are the sexy-makers in my life.  They keep my skin dewey, my hair shiny, and my mood uplifted.  Don’t be afraid to eat healthy fats!  It is a misconception that fat makes you fat.  In fact, you must eat fat to lose fat.
  • Pastured or grass fed meats. Growing up on a ranch in South Dakota, I don’t think I would ever be able to give up my carnivorous ways.  And that’s ok.  Meat has gotten a bad rap lately, but if you can find the right meat, it’s actually good for you.  I would recommend looking for organic and pastured or grass-fed meats.  This means that the animal was fed its natural diet, allowed to roam around in the open, was not given hormones or antibiotics, and lived the stress-free life it was supposed to live.
  • Whole grains. Low-carb diets are all the rage right now, but the truth is, our bodies were designed to function with glucose (produced from carbs) as a fuel source.  Where we need to be careful is the fact that most people equate carbohydrates with wheat and wheat produces a highly allergenic response in many people due to a protein known as gluten which is notoriously hard to digest.  Instead of wheat, choose grains like millet, brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth, and oats.
  • Legumes, nuts and seeds. Legumes, nuts and seeds also get some appreciation.  These aren’t foods I eat frequently, mainly because there are other foods that are more energizing for my body, but they are still wonderful sources of nutrition.

Try experimenting with these foods and see how your body responds when you eat them.  Turn the figurative music up in your meals, listen to your body, and let her tell you how to move.  Your eating habits are a dance, perhaps a new one where you’re still learning the choreography, but nonetheless, once you get settled in the rhythm, you will move effortlessly through all the shakes and shimmies.

Shamra Byrne is a weight loss + emotional eating expert and founder of
Natural Nutrition Health Coaching in Portland, Oregon. She encourages
women to take an honest, heart-driven approach to health and weight
loss which allows them to have a more tangible, messy, and free
relationship with their bodies and their lives. By helping women
awaken the inherent wisdom of their bodies, they are able to release
deeply ingrained emotional eating habits and excess weight without
dieting, deprivation, or giving up chocolate.

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