I read this this morning on Jonathon Fields email….a woman he was interviewing, Susan Piver, said

Don’t teach anyone anything…help them discover!
That’s what I say to my dance students…that I want to help them  by giving them the tools they need to become a better dancer; tools such as  a physical workout regime, writing exercises, ideas, questions, books to read, music to share, stories, place to jump from.
To Illuminate…light the path…like my number nine card in the tarot deck…the Hermit…
Hold the lantern in front on a path… But how far does that light go…down the path, into the darkness, the unknown, the void, the place of desire, wishes, studies, passion….where creativity can bloom…from the unknown, or from intuition. Life.
Discovering oneself is a beautiful place…ongoing, exciting, energizing, rejuvenating.
Be vibrant!
With graciousness and gratitude….

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