Let it be revealed…listening

Let it be revealed…listening

This is what I’m hearing and noticing this morning… listening to the sounds all around me, as I arise at my lovely friend’s home in the bush of northeastern Australia…

the tropical storm all night beating on the roof,

the crazy kookaburra or rufus rail wailing good morning to me, but sounding like a pack of wild monkeys,

tasting the delicious morning nectar of black coffee,

the power and energy in my early morning walk with intervals of running that makes my body sing and my heart so happy to be alive,

feeling my sore thighs from dancing all weekend,

seeing the mist rise over the mountains as I explore my unfamiliar surroundings on my jaunt, clapping as I run when I hear rustling in the jungley-bushes, not know what critters are stirring or if any will come out to eat me (!),

the ginormously tall tropical trees,

the wildly beautiful assorted songs of the native birds,

the gorgeousness of the land, and the awesomeness of life.

I am eternally grateful!

What are you hearing?

What’s with all the chitter chatter? That monkey mind chatter, blathering on and on in your head?

You do realize that you are stopping yourself, don’t you? Trying to explain, thinking up five reasons why that thing you want is NOT happening for you, why you CAN’T do something, and interrupting someone else to talk about YOUR experience, not allowing something or someone else to be heard.

This is another form of self-sabotage. Talking too much, negating what you want, and not listening.

If you were quiet for five minutes, what would you hear?

 If you sat still for five minutes, what would you feel?

Listening has become a true art form.

We are bombarded with outside stuff, iphones, facebook, time sucks, besides our own inner stuff! When is the last time you listened to someone else, truly stopped to listen, not checking your phone or answering a text in the middle of a conversation, giving your full attention to hear what that person is saying. Can you just stop talking, interjecting all the me too, the I know just what you mean stuff, or the let me tell you about MY experience…kind of stuff.

Can you hear about someone else’s story, and just listen to them, and really, hear what they are saying?

We all want to be heard, and to be seen, to be noticed, acknowledged. To feel significant.

Significance is one of our basic human needs.

We all need our own time and space to be heard. Giving someone else their time to be heard is special, an act of love and patience, of caring what they have to offer. Not comparing. Not competing. It’s not always about you and your reasoning. Have you had that experience when you are trying to tell about something that has happened to you, and your friend just keeps saying, Oh I know, I’ve done that too, let me tell you about mine. And you haven’t even finished with your experience yet. Do you feel pushed down, and not heard?

Do this. Try listening to your friend without saying anything back, just look them in the eye and listen. Hear them. And don’t try to fix them. (Let me know how that goes.)

 Now, let’s talk about YOU….

What are you afraid to hear?

You can make up lots of excuses why you aren’t doing the one thing you truly want to do. Having the job you want? Having the body you wish for? Writing that book? Traveling the world? Right? You can chatter away and negate anything good about yourself. Whew…

I see this all the time, with my women friends, students, clients. What has happened in our society that we must negate the good, criticize ourselves, make fun of ourselves, find a reason for not feeling good, find a million excuses for not stepping up into our lives, to live to our fullest potential? To be a victim or place blame on someone else for you not having what you desire? Sound familiar? Is that you?

Don’t you really want to live fully, with passion, creativity, love? To dance through life with ease and clarity? To share and give back?

Why the fear of hearing what is in our heart? It’s time to hear what our body wants, to open ourselves up to expand to our beauty. To listen to what we are craving, desiring.

What might you hear if you listen to yourself? What if you got out of your way?

The revealing… the allowing… the path…the love…the change…the deep down truth…

And how exciting that can be! The allowance of our true self to emerge, to shine.

I always tell my dancers to get out of your head to allow the body to move. And then to get the body out of the way of the soul, to allow the dance to come through.

And the same with my clients… to stop and listen, no more excuses. It’s time to hear what you really want, and then learn to open up to the ways to have that—the possibilities become endless, the magic can happen.

It’s time for you to allow the healing and to find and use the tools to get there, to cut through the crap, to dream bigger than ever, to find the way to feed the body and soul, to lose the weight, to find your love. To create. Little steps to big steps. Little dreams to big dreams.

And yes, you have to do the do! Step up. Take time for you. To relish the lusciousness of yourself, your body, your work, your love. To feel the sensuousness of your life and your body. To find the words, the movement, the light. The freedom. Honoring all that you are. Now and later.

What feels good to you? What is it you desire?

You are the co-creator of your own life. YOU make it happen, or not.

If you were quiet for five minutes, what would you hear?

If you sat still for five minutes, what would you feel?

Let it be revealed!

If this is your time, I am here to help you unveil it. I can guide you. Give you some tools to make YOU happen, to find your magic, let’s listen to you. It is time…can you say it?

This is my time!

Outloud. Amen sister, let’s get it on!

Love that you are here!








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