love…friendship…and letting go…


Friday What I’m Loving….

Well, me, for one! On this crazy day of love…who are you loving? Let this be a weekend of laughter, friendship, love, and good livin’!


I’ve rounded up some yumminess to share with you today…

…but first, I want to talk about my letting go… as I ready my home for a sale this weekend. Jeff and I are ready to let go of some of our past, collections, memories, objects, art, books. We are simplifying, downsizing, and sharing some beautiful “things”. Photographs, music, costumes, and yes, some funky junk! As I sort through my huge collection of books-on art, body art, costuming, gypsies, lots of dance related, and more books, I hug them fondly to my chest. Am I ready to let this one go? I keep asking myself… there is a tug and a rope connected to my heart and soul with many of them. I love my books. But I need space. I want to cut the cord. I want to let go. And share these delicious beauties with the next generation of book lovers, of art collectors, of questing folks. It is delightful to share that way.

And the art, and the objects…oh my…

I do enjoy moving on to the next phase of my life, and letting go of the past lets me open up for the future, and most importantly, today. It is not always easy. But no what if’s…just…What is ready for me today? What am I ready for? As I continue on my path, I invite the journey in, with an open heart, with space and time, with a willingness to gather, and to share my journey with you.

I am so thankful you are here to share too…


**wow, Woman of the Week! Matika Wilbur!

building cultural bridges, sharing, integrity, art, historical reverance with contmeporary awareness-right on!

**Chocolate IS Love… Vegan Valentine Recipes with Raw Cacao

how about those Goddess truffles??!!

**and love yourself this Valentine’s Day

**heartfelt sentiments…about friendship…thanks Rene!

**and on that note, friendship and dementia….One Brave Cowirl

*another friend…Ursula Goadhouse… a brave journey

**skull sugar cosmetics!!! pdx based and all good stuff…

**Yum!…making this right now!

**and this is so important my friends!!!

Can Food Reduce Pain???

~~~~~~that’s it for now…that’s a lot of good reading and thinking stuff up there… hope you enjoy these shares… let me know in the comments

and have a loving weekend…

thanks for taking the time…


keep those connections and laugh….

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