Momentum…and then some…

Momentum…and then some…

I love that word. I love the way it feels as I say it. I love the way it sounds. And mostly I love the feeling it evokes and what happens when I have it…

Momentum —

the quantity of motion that an object has. A sports team that is on the move has the momentum. If an object is in motion (on the move) then it has momentum. Momentum can be defined as “mass in motion.”

on the move

mass in motion

What visual does that conjure up for you?

Swoosh…moving forward, energy in motion, great things coming from you, ideas bursting forth, positive movement…

Do you feel that in your body? Where in your body?

Sometimes it is ripe and ready to rip, and sometimes it needs a boost.


For me I need to move the body to help gather my momentum, daily, because it feels so Ah-mazing.

To start my day, I power walk, a good positive energy raising walk, sometimes turning into a run, as I incite my own excitement for the day and weeks ahead! A form of meditation, focus, gaining clarity on my vision, gathering speed and momentum. And while I am walking I fill myself up with gratitude so I can feel the love!

Clarity is power. What do you crave? What are your desires?

There is nothing like that feeling of being super clear, in what you want, in what you do, in seeing your outcome, in bringing it to you, in trusting, that intuitive hit of being oh so right on. And then comes the momentum.

momentum–a force of creation

With my clients, this is a key action. Gaining clarity. Using the body. Igniting that inspiration, and living it all with the magic that you create!

Dance and Desire…feeling it within and all out…that is the way to live. Don’t you agree?

What do you need to get moving? To move that body with some juicy bellydance steps? To feel what is in your belly, waiting to be created? To feel the connection to your heart and soul and body?

How do you want to show up? You are here to live fully, passionately, to feel and do and touch and say, and move with ease and clarity and celebration.

What will you do today, to take that next step? The one that is percolating beneath your surface…

Why don’t you start with a walk? Really…get outside, no matter the weather, and walk, find your own rhythm. I’m not talking about a sweet stroll. I’m saying to walk it out, move that body, 1,2,3,4. Feel your energy start to grow, as you envision your day. Your pulse.

Build your momentum. Use music and ear buds if you enjoy. Focus on what you want to have happen. See it as done. Set yourself up for victory. This is very exciting! You can do this…

Let the day begin!

and let me know how this goes for you. Really…I want to know about your victory!

so much love to pass around!






I would love to help guide you, to get your journey on your path. To feel your desires. To get clarity. To do the work that you are here to do. To get that walk started every day. Would you like that too?  Let’s talk.

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Life and Dance Guidance — Coaching with Paulette!

Need some guidance with your dreams and desires?

Go here to learn more!

and speaking of momentum!!!!

lots of momentum over here in Gypsy Caravan headquarters this week… 

Here’s what‘s shakin at the office (besides my hips!)

We had two giveaways for our Dance and Desire courses coming up, in person, and online,  and have several winners!

Elena Mellai, from Italy wins a coaching session with me (see above)!

Shantel Wright from Wyoming wins a copy of my book, Tribal Vision: A Celebration of Life Through Tribal Bellydance,

Shaylinn Kaiser wins a Nutrition Coaching session with my creative assistant Cecilia Villalon

and Bonnie Romane from Oregon wins a place in Elena Lipson’s upcoming class, 66 Sacred Rituals, an online course, starting April 15th

and there are more gifts to present at the Women’s Weekend Retreat at Breitenbush also! woo hoo… what fun…

And Dance and Desire: From the Body to the Page starts March 20th!


We’ve got new two new styles of Tshirts–oh the colors!!!

tribal rocks dark pink 2016-02-29 11.56.08

and three new online classes… so dang fun over here getting everything prepped and ready for you to love!

Check out this trailer for the classes and a special.


have a fabulous week and get that walk on…


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