One More Thing- 9/6/09-A waste-free day!

September brings us into another round of One More Thing!

I hope you will join with us this month, and let’s stay connected as we tread lightly on the earth, we can dance and move with grace and stay strong with our intentions of taking care of ourselves and the planet! Yes?

OK, Proposal for this week:

A waste-free day!

Take one day this week (at least) , and don’t use anything disposable. No lunch bags, water bottles, no grocery bags to throw away. We can do it! Pay attention. Make your lunch, yummy! with all that beautiful produce, take a few minutes to make your snacks. Make iced tea¬† with herbs from your garden and take it with you in a thermos or your reusable bottle. Eating healthy and not throwing away anything.

What else can you do?

Bring it on. Tell us here in out comment area…Share the wealth of your ideas!

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